Operation: areolacola

March 14th- thanks @Jnagoh yeah I love Humboldt’s so far, I use everything from the starter kit besides golden tree, I use terpinator instead, right now with this one I’m using A-B and terpinator & secret enzymes, all recommended minimal right now my auto grow which I’m in flowering now I’m using alot each. Operation: mindcrime
That’s my other auto grow right in case you want to follow, might as well share this link there I also I guess lol.
Nothing but more beauty getting it on every time I get home from work. Think I’ll just top this one, once I begin producing her clones I can practice that FIM thing so no rush. Still watering twice a day though I notice she sucks it up rather quickly so I might begin full on watering once a day by the end of the week.

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March 15- Think if I’m gonna top I should pull the trigger , did some close ups, think it’s time if I’m gonna do it.

How many nodes do you have :thinking:

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March 16th- well I popped her top today


Hopefully she pulls through okay, if this works, there be 2 more colas (4) from what I see

March 17th- well didn’t put a dent in fan leaf development’s, the nodes seem to be growing well, seems like this plant may develop 2 extra colas if the top 2 develop well, wait and see, TGIF Growmies! Cheers

March 18th- She is absolutely beautiful! I’m gonna begin a once a day watering cycle starting Monday, very interested in this topping thing, the 2 nodes are coming along great so far, her trunk is looking very healthy. Need to get a humidifier soon.


She looks great :grinning:

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March 19th- well switched to once a day, she’ll get used to it, using Humboldt’s plant enzyme, a-b, terpinator, and low dose of cal-mag, also moved the light up about 4 inches.

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March 20- I like how this photo is developing, unique leaf shape, it’s trunk is super firm

The plant :seedling: itself is far different from my autos in its initial stages so far, but going back to my autos, I should have at least tried topping one of them to see how it would hold up, the fan leafs on Shannon, yes I named her lol are very voluptuous kind of like her…never mind lol

Can’t wait to clone her.