Open Wound at Base of Stem. Infected?

Had to cut into my plants a couple weeks ago to get rid of bores that were in them. Other wounds healed while this one seemingly festers. It is secreting some white juice/gunk. Is that infected or normal for a plant to do?

Need help

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@DTOM420 suggested a sulphar paste. Any other tricks? I dont have sulphar, i was thinking a hydrogen peroxide solution on it, if necessary

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I would try putting homey on wound and tape closed
Looks like it try to heal but thats a big opening to seal

If that doesnt help you may have sid to much damage cutting into stem and leaving it like that


Here is an updated pic. Have you seen anything like this? It seems like a white sap is all over the wound. Or is that fungi? The plant seems healthy otherwise. A little pale compared to her sister

Cb is right. Throw some honey on it or some rooting powder/ gel on ut and tape it up and hope for the best

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