Open vape pen experiment

So got an open vape pen FIY kit. Nice little kit comes with everything to get started. So I had some AVB and extracted the remaining THC. Loaded the pen with home made juice and works pretty slick. I can see how well it will work. The problem is with the juice I made or the juice it comes with. It was a no flavor juice just PEG and extract. The flavor was off. Enough I think I will trash the juice I made. It has a chemical type taste which I think is just the way the PEG tastes. So back to the drawing board for making the juice. Didn’t have cheese cloth. I would recommend it highly to keep it clean. So did the best to keep out the little particles with coffee filter which didn’t work. Then a paper towel and again didn’t really work. Anyhow got wee-juice in pen and it worked great. Nice little cloud. Now just have to work on making a better wee-juice.


Just added some peppermint extract to juice and improved flavor. Not sure on potency as I didn’t have anything to measure anything.

@Smokin_ernie you can use cheese cloth or a doubled up cone style coffee filter. Also reusable tea bags are another option.

I bought some small bottles of flavoring. They are not alcohol based, so safe for vaping.

Not sure if it would work or not. I think I have decided to use my old vape for making salve… lol


Meant to ask what you used to extract the MJ? @Smokin_ernie

I used 91% isopropyl alcohol. Filled jar with 3 times the amount of AVB and shook. Put it in freezer for overnight and shook every once in a while. Then put it out side in a Pyrex dish to dry out. Scrape and mix with open vape juice.

How long did it take to evaporate?

i ended up going from early afternoon till the next morning so somewhere around 15-20 hours. If you can put it in the sun and a nice breeze. I can see it taking much less time.

Cool. Sounds good. With everything blowing off the trees right now I’d be afraid to put it outside unless it was covered with something? Not sure what??

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Yes that is a concern. I have a covered area that I put it and finished it on the 3 season porch with windows open. Not sure what you could cover with that will not impede the evaporation.


Good idea. I don’t have a screened porch but I will figure out something!