Oopsy.... I did a no no.... now what?

Ok long story short I started this plant before I had my grow hut built. Company came over so I had to hide the plants I had started. They were just babies. I put them in a dark closet then forgot about them for 3 days or more. I then got them out transplanted them and put them in the grow hut I built. Their are 2 of them both almost died. The other looks as though it will do the same as this one. Now I have this small dwarf plant that has what seems to be one large bud for the size of plant it is. Since this pic was taken a couple days ago the pistils are beginning to turn brown in some places. They are getting 17/5 lighting but I think I forced flower and this is going to be it for this plant. As you can see it is not very big. Only about 3 inches tall. Question is can I continue to see if it will get bigger or should I go ahead and harvest it now? I know I was stupid. LOL But I am about to get real serious with the next set.

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Welcome- yup, that is compost pile material at best. We live and learn.

So can i dry and still smoke. Should be some THC shouldn’t there? It was dripping with some resin.

@tt123 before you throw this into the compost pile. There are couple of different options.

  1. Give her 24 hours of light for 4 days. You want to force her to go back into veg and get larger. Then when she reaches the correct size you want, flip the light schedule back to 12/12 to get her to flower out. She will grow incredibly weird shapes until she flowers out, but that’s because you started the flowering hormones.

  2. The other option is to change your light schedule and let her continue to flower, and harvest her when she’s done. It won’t amount to much, but it’s been done before.

  3. you can rip her out and throw her into the compost pile.

Entirely up to you, and what you have for a grow space.
I personally would veg her back, and let her continue to grow until you are happy with the size you want her to be, then transition to flowering.
Happy growing.


Another aspect to take into account is whether you are growing Auto or photo. Photo can be revegged, Auto is a loss cause.


It is White Widow photo. Not auto. I just yanked it. I already gave it 2 weeks with 24hr light and it has not grown any hardly. Like I said
pistils have already turned brown and it is sticky. I left the other in to see what it does but I expect worse out of it. It was all but dead. It has already got baby pistils but no adult leaves whatsoever. Thanks for your advice. So glad I have this place to bounce my stupidity off of. LOL. I will get it. I already have 2 more in the right environment and they are looking good. Thanks again.


sometimes it’s quicker easier to start over. been there done that…it happens.

Once the seed hatches, It’s on a schedule. Keep it full of love, light, nutes and she will make you proud. the 3+ days of dark told it to flower…summer growing season is over she thinks.
Once that happened at such a young tender undeveloped stage…not much you could do to improve it or make it grow big n healthy.

good luck


You could have kept them all safely in veg by putting a single CFL bulb in the closet with them and left it on 24 hours a day. It doesn’t take much light to keep them in veg. They just would not grow much with that little light.


I agree with @tanlover442
at that stage it’s prob just best to pop a new bean
You could revert it back to veg but the time it take wouldn’t be worth it
Live and learn


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I got the message not long after, thanks mate

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Personally, I would have popped new beans and let the dwarf finish. At least you would have had something


@TheRabbi…did you forget the “T” ?

Suggest you hatch new seeds and make of list of things to do…daily.
Like remember to turn on lights to babies. I make lists twice a day…and still forget plenty especially if I am enjoying the last grow…lol
The little stunted baby in the pic is as tall as a 20 day seedling should be…so no major loss…good thing it wasn’t two months from harvest.