Oops left the light on

Hey gang hope y’all are well. I had to setup a temp flower room for a single gal. Manual timer each night. Should be dark 8pm to 8am. We’ll when I just went to switch her on I noticed I left the room light on all night so she was sitting in light.

What to do? Dark now or just run the light until normal sleep time and hope for the best? About week six almost

Id keep her as is and stay with the light schedule she is use to 1 night shouldn’t throw her off


So was it the first day in flower?
In my photos I prefer to make the night longer if I have to because more than 12hr of light will stress it and cause herm/re veg.

If it was already in veg and you just didn’t engage the timer for the first time to 12/12 then run a longer day cycle with lights on. But if she was already flipped run a longer night cycle.

Six weeks

Run a longer dark cylce it’s not an issue to put a plant in 24hr of darkness and then go back to 12/12, running longer than 12hr of light is where you get your issue when in flower.