Oops, I think I screwed up

Hi Grommies! Can anyone out there figure out what I did to my plant? One is great, the other that got the MPK booster is hurting. I listed my last 2 things that I have done.

Today, 3/16, I noticed some spots on my plant. I’m not sure what is wrong because I see different things on different leaves. Can anyone please help me?

@OGIncognito @Mefis @Covertgrower

Fed on 3/11 1/4 strength of Jacks 321 and 5mL of cal-mag.

On 3/15, I Watered 1/2 gal of tap water 6.4 and feed The MKP booster feeding as follows
Part A: 2 grams per gallon
Epsom salt: 2 grams per gallon
Part B: 2.7 grams per gallon
MPK booster: 2.4 grams per gallon.

Date - 3/16/22
ILGM -auto Gorilla Glue 4
-Age of plant : 42 days since they emerged from soil. (Pre-flower)
-Method: Soil, FFOF on bottom and FFHF on the top half
-Vessels: 10 gal fabric bags
-PH and TDS: 7.4 tap city water
-PPM/TDS or EC of nutrient solution: PH 6.4, 1200
-Method used to measure PH and TDS: PH Aprena Blue lab and a TDS pen
-indoor grow tent - 2x2x4
Light: Spider Farms SF2000, 200w dimmer
Actual wattage draw of lights: 202w
-Light Schedule: 18:6 hrs, dimmer at 85%
Temps; 76 day, 70 night degrees
-Humidity: Day- 50 % night-60%
-Ventilation system: Ac Infinity 6” cloudline intake, Ac infinity carbon filter with clip fan
-Humidifier: Vicks

The little white pistols/hair look burnt?


Can you take a closer pic of the area circled. Looks like male parts

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At this dose, you should not be seeing any magnesium deficiency. I would lean towards light burn, how high is your light to the plant?

I also second they closer examination of male parts possibly. That is suspicious.


I tried to get as close as I could without getting blurry. I saw that “thing” this morning too. Oh no. Please don’t be a male. It has little pistils every where.

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I’m sorry to say your plant has hermi… that is a male flower unopened. You can do two things now. You can wet a paper towel and pluck that off with it and keep a maga eye out. more than likely more will show up to the party and must be caught ASAP as to not pollinate your whole grow.2nd thing you can do is to take zero chances if you have other plants and bag and tag this one.
Sorry for the news :pensive:


I found 2 more, I read to gently pull off. I have one other in the tent this after you circled it. Man, I will check several times a day, do you think that will help save her?

@Covertgrower she is 17” from light. I will need to raise it tonight when my husband gets home.

Besides it being a hermy. Does she has some sort of nute deficiency?
Thank you for helping me!

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I don’t generally like to give advise once the plant hermi’s.
Can the plant be saved if you catch every single male flower before it opens… Yes
Have I been successfully doing so…No (they are very easy to miss , it only takes one )
Take this into consideration… if you miss any do you mind seeded bud. Are bring both plants to the finish line a must or will one do for now? Do you want to take that chance with another plant in your grow? If you miss one do you want to take a few hours out to sterilize your grow space fans and all ?
Ultimately only you can make a decision on what type of gamble you are willing to take.
Good luck to you in whatever you decide :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Should be okay there. I would verify PH, coming out to make sure everything is in line. I would be most concerned about the herm situation. BigItch addresses that with more questions.
You’ll have to weigh the benefits to the costs on that. If you’re okay with seeds, then you’ll be fine. Also makes a difference if it’s your only supply, and how much you have stored.


Sorry Poolgirl…Caitlin Jenner :love_you_gesture:


Thanks, that made me cheer up. I’m still on the fence wether to bag and tag caitlin or pull the “balls” off. I don’t want to lose my white widow though. We only have about 1/4 left of flower that we purchased so this was to last us until October. We don’t want to grow indoors over the summer since we have people over for pool parties. I don’t mind seeded buds but the thought of sterilizing has me boggled.

What to do, what to do.


Anyway to isolate shim? You could always use it for edibles if you choose not to smoke it :love_you_gesture:


I don’t have anywhere I can put shim. Im still on the fence. IT is super smelly so I can’t bring the hermy out of the tent. I’m trying to learn as much as I can about trying to save Caitlin. I will probably end up killing it.

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Thanks everyone. I talked it work with my best friend and I pulled Caitlin. I removed shim and put a garbage bag over it and pulled the rootball out.

I decided to start my summer veggies in her space…is that okay? I moved the light as high as I could go to concentrate on the White Widow I turned the light to 100% since it’s far about 24” above her. I’m praying that the WW will stay a female.

The one one the left is the white widow. She’s going to be lonely. :crazy_face:


:pray::pray: that ya don’t and only a few nanners

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The White Widow is a beauty and such an amazing smoke. My newest go to when ya need to take the edge off and not get hit hard in the head :love_you_gesture:


She won’t be lonely she will be greedy. Throw some LST in there and she can easily fill your whole space… sometimes less is more :grin:


How can I do lst? She’s not very bendy. Do you have any helpful hints? She’s below on the left. I haven’t done anything to her.

I accidentally cut the whole top of the one that went to be hermy.

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I will post a few pics of some i have going to help assist with my words . Take some garden rope ( not sure if that what ya call it ) and spread your tallest areas out to the sides use binder clips to secure to your pot.
. Be gentle but not China shop and continue to do that will every branch and new growth till you have it level


I can do that. Amazon, here I come! Thank you. I already have pipe cleaners on the way. The one I pulled had so many bud sights… Anyhow, THANK YOU


Oh trust me I know the feeling I have had complete grows go south and it definitely puts a damper on things.
I will drop a pic of a grow that my 25yr old daughter stomped to death because of a fight we had. Didn’t find it till I got home :face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth: at least it was in the yard I guess :joy::rofl::joy:

Oh and you can use the pipe cleaner ropes the same no need to buy new