Oops I did it. Transplanted Auto

Yes they do. Here’s an ilgm WW auto bag seed that is finishing up after 8 weeks of 12/12. Had to flip it at day 55

Been a fun and friendly discussion. I’m enjoying this.
I tend to think that its the autos that don’t flower until switched to 12/12 that has wandered into the mix.
We see this quite often from growers stating that their autoflower wont flower and we suggest they try 12/12 to get it to start.
Genetics from the parents can be strong, weak or completely one sided. So if the autoflowering trait is weak or gone then yes it would reveg. But since its so commonly known to not work, I cant believe its something that would work every time. Kinda like saying I can grow a 6ft tall auto every time. It happens sometimes, but not every time.

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Boom shaka laka. My thoughts exactly. How many threads and posts have we seen where someone is complaining their “auto” wouldn’t flower under an 18/6 or 20-4 schedule. And the only way to get it to flower was a 12/12?. It’s either weak genetics or mixed up seeds.

Hows your clone looking?

@GrassMan420 2 weeks into flower…… going to be a single cola….looks like

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Looks like its going to be a nice monster cropping of a clone. In 1 of the pictures i posted before is 1 big 33 gram nug. Wet weight. The 3 clones are still drying. I’m hoping for at least 10 grams from that 1 nug after it’s dry.
Witch 1 is the mother i see 2 back there.

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