Oops I did it. Transplanted Auto

Was lollipoping about 2 weeks prior to flower. Decided to throw a stem in an extra 1G pot laying around. Took about 10 days to take root. About 12” tall now and pistils starting to show. Going to be interesting seeing what comes about.


Worth doing imho :grin:
If it rooted it will give ya something :sunglasses:

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Heck yeah brother. Everyone says it isn’t worth it. Well, I had a small space and a pot with dirt. Node spacing is a little over an inch apart. This pheno has produced some super dense colas. I’ll get a little stretch and I could see this thing producing a pretty hefty sized cola.


If it was an auto u trying to clone. It’s gonna need to be put under lots of light no dark for a bit to get all going good and get it revegging. Supposed to be able to take a clipping from an auto and clone it and it is then supposed to be a reg plant not auto. Cloning it took away the auto ability so I’d get it under 24hra light for a few weeks til u see the new round leaves grow.from the top of the spots growing now. It will shoot up like a new plant growing from the old stuff once u see that u know u r gold. Leave it be for a bit to get the new green on it and once u have established enough green in the new spots I can then cut off all the old green and bud spots and let her start her journey keep in mind that it is a good possibility that the plant is going to act as a reg seed now and not flower on its own like the mama did. If this is all true idk but reading up alot on it and it seems that it works and buying auto seeds u actually get 2 seeds for 1. Grow the auto reveg and clone it and then u have reg version of that plant also. So it’s said. Never done it to know for sure if this is the case but this is what I got from Google and reading alot lol

i’m sorry….whaaaatttt? i’m going to need a source on this. and i have seen growers on here clone an auto and it flowered right away, anecdotes i suppose.

but scientifically speaking, it’s a genetic clone. why would the clone ditch one very specific part of its genes


I’m looking for it and cant find it. Lol
I’m suspicious this is an April Fools Post found late.


I’ve seen Bill Ward so crazy things with autos, but I have never seen a re-veg of an auto……and the turning it back into a photo……whoa……:bomb::bomb:mind blown…… after she got roots…… she instantly showed pistils and began her journey.

I’m about to harvest my auto clones and i got more going. I got a thread showing the hole cycle. I never heard of turning an auto clone into photo type. I’ll have to look into that for sure. I like a challenge.


Cloning an auto doesn’t reset the life-counter of the clone. If an auto is going to flower after 4 weeks and you clone it after 3, expect the clones to start flowering soon.
Autos are bred with the Ruderalis strain. It’s in the genes. Clones have those same genes, will NOT become a photo plant.
You can stress an auto and delay it’s flowering. I have heard of a grower who constantly stressed his autos by replanting them in bigger pots, and got it to about 200 days before harvest. Whereas you can keep a photoperiod alive for years, males or females.


Late to the party as usual but… in @Mark0427 defense I just recently read that if you leave enough on an auto you can re-veg it. Once revegged it will loose some or all of the ruderalis trait and become a photo…how true this is I have no idea but it sounds interesting enough to try… :exploding_head:
:exploding_head: :exploding_head:


Need a link or enough info to find it.
If this were true they should reVeg under 18/6 lighting at some point during the grow. But they NEVER do.


Lol, I don’t blame ya! It was on this site I think yesterday that I read it. I’ll look for it when I get a few. Although not what I was just reading if you search “reveg autos” a few pop up

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Take a look at mine, it’s a White Widow Auto that I cloned. Definitely did NOT revert to a photo plant. Chopped an entire stalk when I meant to prune a fan leaf. I applied some rooting powder to it and stuck it in a grow plug. Here’s about 6 weeks later :joy:

Definitely was a worthwhile experiment. Now, I’ll be able to compare two topped WW autos vs two untopped WW autos and see first hand if the yield differs, if at all.


I shared a part of where I read it on the net somewhere. It was an argument between a few ppl it seemed lol. Just Google revegging autoflowers and it’ll pop up maybe on growweedeasy or something like it was. Dude str8 tripped about it says he’s been revegging auto a while he only buys autos from memory of reading as he says he gets 2 plants for the price of 1.

Leave it go and see what happens. U have to convert back to veg nutes also is a big part of the process. Switch back to veg nutes and leave it under maybe a clone don’t do the same as the main plant idk I did read this tho and dude was like serious about it working

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I guess the real question is WHY? Other than shits and giggles experimentation, why reveg an auto? Just start with a photo!

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Ive Googled the reveg auto to photo theory and all i get are random forums of the discussion. In those forums i find links to people claiming this is what they did. if the link isn’t broken it’ll be a random video of their plants and set up with no talking or anything. Other links just take me to dr auto or mr canucks who don’t even discuss it. I did read in a forum that the possibility of bad genetics in an autoflower may have caused this. It would be interesting to try and replicate but due to all the different strains and genetics of each seed. It would be pretty hard. Funny how in all those discussing the matter no one talks about the strain they used to do it. :thinking: just something i noticed.

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Seeds from autos become photos so there may be truth in clones from autos turning photo in some cases.

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Do seeds from autos become photos? So you think you only get auto seeds by crossing a female photo with a male ruderalis? What if a female auto is pollinated by a male auto? Sorry @Bluntsmoke I think that statement is wrong! Any breeders out there want to confirm one way or the other?

Genes don’t just go away. It’s like Ancestry DNA…they can trace your roots back to areas in Europe or Asia or…wherever your ancestors did their thing! Some genes are dominant and others recessive, but they are still there. Maybe the genes can be suppressed a bit by environment and may seem like they are gone, but they ain’t!

The only way I see being able to flip the gene is to pollinate, cross pollinate until you get the photo dominant gene back. Unsure it could be done through a reveg.