Oooooh Oooooh That Smell

Here’s a question for the weed gurus. I’ve noticed that the weed that I grow has a far different scent than the weed I get at the dispensary and a faaaaaar different smell than the bag weed I used to smoke.

I’ve grown about nine different strains now and none of them smell like “normal” weed. The stuff I grow smells sweet and flowery, sometimes citrusy (which does smell like dispensary weed), but not anything like what I used to smoke decades ago. I mean, barely even in the same neighborhood.

Anyone know why that is?

Smell is governed by a strain’s terpine profile.


I’m not gonna try to explain why, but I get the same thing… lots of earthy terps, some citrus sometimes, and one (kinda) diesel (MK ultra from ILGM, but out of three MK ultra, only one diesel smelling one🤷‍♂️)

No skunky… no pine… I guess it just is what it is

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I believe it is because we grow a little longer. Take more care and use our nutes heavier. Dispensary is all about profit. Quick grow. Quick dry. Quick or no cure. We spend the time and love. That results in better product. Just my thoughts.


Would it be assuming that commercially grown weed is aqua ponics? Have no clue, never thought about it.

Oops, just read on aquaponics, always thought no mediums was aquaponics.

Funny you should mention MK Ultra. I have one MK Ultra plant in the current grow. I hadn’t taken a whiff of its buds yet, but yeah, kind of diesel-y smelling. I’m REALLY looking forward to smoking this strain!! Bout six more weeks…

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Not really. I’ve done hydroponic grows and regular soil grows. Flavor is about the same, odor is about the same. Seems like plant genetics govern most of the fragrance and effect.

I do get much bigger yields out of hydroponic grows, which means way more maintenance on my part getting things staked/supported. I opted for coco as my happy medium (ba-dum-tsss) because I get good growth like hydro but the stability of soil-like pots and structure.

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So, if i automated to drippers, is that hydroponics.

Do most commercial grows use a medium? Soil?

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I’ve seen grows that use rockwool cubes, and coco, and hydro only (no medium, just neoprene collars and water).

I think greenhouse and outdoor grown commercial cannabis is grown in soil, but I can’t speak to that as fact.

Only if you remove the medium from the equation (no soil/peat). Some say coco is hydroponic, I’m not of that mindset. To me, hydroponic = water only, with the exception of a stabilizer (most use rockwool or hydroton in a net pot to provide stem support).

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Most commetcial grows use hydroponics. Adding an irrigation drip system just automates your feeding schedule. Hydroponics is basically mediumless and uses net pots filled with marble sized beads to support the plant and roots hang thru pot into a nutrient solution.

It’s interesting to read everyone’s thoughts and ideas about dispensary grows. All may be try due to some many different techniques amongst the industry.

I’m the Operations Manager at a large outdoor (greenhouse) facility in Oregon. We grow 100% organics and use only soil. At our farm we focus alot on the health, biology and life within the soil.
Happy soil= happy plants.

The love and passion from a home grow can fade away alittle at huge operation simply do to the overall size. It’s sometimes hard to give every single plant the live and attention it require. We sure try though.

The drying part is the same as home grows. A nice 7-10 days on the racks. The curing part is we’re things start to become very rushed. Dispensary want there products on the shelf as soon as possible. After waiting all summer it’s a rUsH to get the product in the store ready for customers.

The market if flooded with cannabis. In the shops it’s all about the name of the strain the the % of THC.

Home growers it’s about the bud structure, the look, the effect ect. We as home growers want to truly enjoy the fruits of our labor and don’t do use on shear weight.

(Photo is of the Dutchie Cultivation team a few weeks ago. Amazing people!)


Do you schedule tours? Just asking for a friend.

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Depends on who it is really. We don’t give a lot of tours. Maybe twice a year.

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