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Couldn’t resist stealing the tag from Skynard ! My WW and AK-47 were doing fine until the flowers kicked into high gear (no pun intended) and then the smell started to permeate my grow space and the room my tent is in. I need to keep my stealth so I need some input on odor control and strains that might not have such a strong smell.

I have a charcoal filter and fan that was keeping the air fresh up till now. Any timely input would be greatly appreciated ! I have also put plug in air fresheners in the room but not covering the smell and the boss doesn’t like the smells added to our living space.



You might need a new or bigger carbon filter. Also if air is pulled through a carbon filter too fast, it can let smell through. Another thing you can try is Ona gel and look into ionizer air cleaners.

I think all poetent marijuana is going to smell a lot, some say northern lights and maybe a couple others don’t smell as strong but I haven’t experienced that, A strong smell is usually an indicator that your plant is healthy and an indicator of potency, usually no or little smell means weak bud.

Also are you running your tent with a slight negative pressure inside the tent? That makes sure no smell is leaking out the seams instead of being filtered through your exhaust’s filter.

The filter is only two months. I have three vents on the bottom of my grow tent that were sealed up but came undone (tape didn’t hold). After I resealed the vents, the smell is way less and no complaints from the other half. I also changed the programing on the fan to run it more often at night. I was keeping it off almost all night. These seem to have done it. Thanks.

Looks like I have the potential to have a really decent harvest. Keeps me busy as I cannot work anymore and is fun.



New filters are not 100% guaranteed odor proof (they could have a factory fault in them), get a filter with 20% more capacity than your fan to keep it in the safe zone. Also connect the filter directly to the fan, sometimes a tiny hole in the ducting is the cause of the leak.

@TxGrowman quick qestino, what kind of vents? When they came undone, did you loose vacuum? Also how many total watts and how much capacity is your fan?

I heard you can put geraniums near grow room. I am not sure how true but it’s supposed to cut down on smell. If this isn’t true please let me know too, please advise

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Geraniums? For odor control? I seriously doubt it…

The square screen covered vents at the bottom on three walls. I really didn’t need them sealed except for they were ruining the light integrity of the tent at night. My vacuum did get less when they came loose but the buds were not producing the smell that they are now and it was not a problem. The watts of my light are 432 LED that seems to be working well. My fan is a 4 inch in line that moves 190 cfm not sure about watts and seems to be keeping the air fresh inside.


Don’t think they would work but even if they did my grow room is stealthy and I hardly have room for my three plants that are overgrowing my tent anyway. The room is also small so no room. Thanks anyway!


Thanks I had a feeling geraniums would not work. …probably some rumors I heard thanks for feedback

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old thread i know but I’m reading thru lots to find answers to my smell issues as well- geraniums do have a countering smell but i think that would be best if planted outside or pots around your porch along with lavender or lilac - i have to admit I’m worrying right now as my plants are so darn stinky even my filter is not working and i have a rather large carbon filter with a dedicated fan that is only a few months old i just ordered a new one- I run my attic fan to help suck the smell out of the house but to my dismay you CAN smell it outside so that solution is NOT going to work- Im surprised my pretty suburban school teaching professional neighbors haven’t already called the cops because they smell dank week lol I hope my new filter works as i run my filters 24/7 i guess ill need a new one every 4 months or so? that sucks they cost me $65 each :disappointed: @MacGyverStoner @ktreez420 @Donaldj @Oldstoner @peachfuzz @Paranorman is every 4 months about right? 6 inch inline 440 CFM fan on a 6 inch carbon filter ( pretty darn big) suggestions? 4x4 tent I do like to open the doors to the tent during the light on phase to help with temps and i love to sit and stare at them haha check them all over for everything and anything and admire their beauty - my last grow with new filter worked but these are super duper smelly buds in week 6 of flower lol Personally i LOVE this smell but its gonna catch me a case and id not do well in jail lol i don’t think i can get a pedicure in there :heart_eyes:

Pay the money get a large Can filter the one I use is 3 times what I need and can be refilled and run up to a 10" fan with simple flange replacement at nearly 100lb’s you wouldn’t hang it in a tent but it didi the trick last year with 20+ plants in flower and equal number in veg min cfm is about 200 max about 600 exhaust 1200 recirculating.
Smaller filters have about a 6 month life and we often don’t do the home work and math to know the max and min cfm, your filter may still be doing the trick just running too fast a fan for it? I suggest you look at commercial filters they are all rated for set speeds and have expected life spans based on 24/7 use

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I got a cheapy, it’s reversible it’s about a year old and it’s about a month past me needing to reverse it but it still works, I don’t smell anything yet

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what does that mean ? reversible ? as far as the filter goes ( i know what reversible means lol )

good info - thanks ill look into this

I have reversed my filter periodically which does seem to add to it’s life exposing new surface to air being cleaned

hmmmm i see this says reversible flange i can not wrap my head around what that means or how to uh reverse it? turn the fan around? blowing into filter instead of drawing out of it?

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It means exactly what it says, you take the flange off one end of filter and put it on the other and it extends the life of the filter, good luck!

okie dokie then! thanks…

Sorry chicky , I cant be much help in that respect , I live in the middle of nowhere so smell isn’t too much of an issue for me… wish I could be more help… :wink:

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