Ooooh That smell - need help - Hepa filter?

So, I am struggling to deal with odors.

I have a carbon filter that successfully mitigates smells for a time. But I have some issues with it.

When I close the door to my grow room, the humidity is really high, and I seem to get bud rot on every large cola I grow as a result - from the very first one, so the mold was present in my basement before I ever started growing, or else it’s in the composted manure I’m growing with.

Regardless that is another issue I need to deal with, but I open the door to reduce humidity and it completely stinks up my house.

Additionally, I think drying and curing is adding to the problem because now I have stinky weed outside of my grow room too - I need to set up a drying tent with a separate carbon filter most likely.

Multiple people have told me they can smell it on me outside my house, and I don’t smoke at all during the day, so they are smelling my plants on my clothes.

In addition to the carbon filters, is anyone running a hepa filter like this in their living space?

I really can’t leave my house smelling like this anymore. I was out of work because the company I worked for failed due to covid impacts, but I’m back at work now and can’t go in smelling like this. I started using cologne, but I’m not a cologne type of guy and I’d rather just deal with the source than cover it up.

These are the types of filters I’m considering. If one of these will stop my clothes from smelling, I’ll buy it in a heartbeat and then try to figure out the rest of what I need to do to fix my grow and dry set-up.

I have one that purifies up to 800sqft but it does little to nothing for weed. Any way to dehumidify the area? Or maybe using a fan to blow into the room from the doorway to try and keep the smell escaping out of the room?

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I have something for you…just a sec


For the mold issue (as with most problems in life) i recommend a thick plastic lining and copious use of duct tape … like this

and if you can manage it a uv filter (for the air) or ozone generator (Some drawbacks apply to ozone)
Smell aside hepa filter will aid in the mold thing also

Hope these help


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Thank you very much. So you are making charcoal filters cheaper than the pre-made ones? I have found them to be effective but not for very long. So if I can make them myself I’ll add a second or third.

I also realized just after typing my concerns about drying and curing, I realized I bought something called a weedryer xl that comes with a carbon filter. I used it once and put it on the shelf because I thought old school hanging might be better because the weedryer dried everything very fast and more dry than I wanted the first time I used it.

But I tossed everything that is currently drying in there this morning because this is something of a crisis. Honestly, the smell is really strong and I can smell it in my backyard from my furnace exhaust. I’m legal to grow with my card, but i can still get myself in trouble (outside the legal kind) if my work or a few other parties in my life find out. To the point I will have to stop this if my clothes smell all the time.

I have a giant garden house/shed doing nothing in my yard (the former owner was a big gardener). I can move my grow out there once the weather gets warmer, but I probably have 2-3 months before I can do that.

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I’ve dealt with both those issues. For the bud rot I ended up having to get a dehumidifier for lights off and keep vents open during lights on. For the smell I use a 2×4 tent with a carbon filter. Tent stays completely closed and I can’t smell it unless I open it or get within a foot or so. If that didn’t work I would have put it in the attic ducted straight out the soffit. Never had anyone tell me they smell it on me though

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@Bobbydigital I do have a dehumidifier set at 40 in the grow room, but there must be a faulty humidity sensor. I have the little hygrometers for curing, and they say the humidity is well into the 50’s in there.

I had some issues and overloaded my breakers, and since the dehumidifier didn’t seem to be kicking on, I removed it to save power consumption.

Probably a bad move. I’ll figure out how to get it back in the mix on a breaker that isn’t overloaded and turn it down to 35 or 30.

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Dealt with that also. Luckily I’m in a garage so I just installed a dedicated circuit for my grow. Previous to that I was tripping breakers left and right running off the garage circuit. On the dehumidifier settings I find that I have to set it lower than what my afffinity thermostat is telling me the humidity is. So if my afffinity says it’s 50% I have to set the dehumidifier to like 40% to maintain that 50%. It’s a balancing act for sure.


Heck yeah! I’m ridding myself of some moisture with DampRid, I hope anyway. I could rid some other things with duct tape and thick plastic rolls…

I’m having the same smell vs humidity problem with my grow room. Door open, door closed. Door open door closed. DODC. Soon I will be out the door 14 hrs a day and can’t keep doing DODC

Would you like some help setting up a cheap easy automation for this?



Cheap and easy. Right up my alley. What you got?

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@Nanashi0_o yes definitely, I need to read through the links you provided still. Today’s a long day for me, I should have time to read either later or in the morning.

I had someone stop in who is oblivious to marijuana, and I asked them if my house smelled and what it smelled like.

She said, it kind of smells like cut grass, kind of like dirt too, and a skunk. It smells like outdoors… she nailed it…

I looked back and I replaced the carbon filter on 1/17, and it seems it isn’t handling the load anymore 5 weeks later - I’ve had it running with a closed door all day.

The bulk carbon will be perfect for the wedryer xl. I was hesitant to use the carbon carterages because they cost $25 to replace, another reason the wedryer went on the shelf. But given the bulk carbon pricing, I can probably refill it 5+ times for $25 instead of buying a new one.

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You first… what are we making?