Ooo, Ooo, That Smell


I have 2 White Widow feminized that are just starting on their 4th set of leaves. I walked into the grow room today and was surprised that they already smell. Is this normal?


Same seeds, at about the same point, and I haven’t noticed any smell yet. I think that means you’re going to have huge sticky buds! :slight_smile:


Haha, I wonder if that’s true. I didn’t expect any smell until they got into preflower. Would like to hear from other growers.


Not growing the white widow, but I have had plants that have smelled like dank in veg with no pistils or male sex. Just depends on the plant they are all different, will have different smells and taste, have had 5 plants of the same strain and they all smelled different. Cannabis is a cool plant!


That really interesting that each plant acts individually even though they are the same cultivar… This new ‘hobby’ has taught me so much already. I can only wonder what the future holds.


My white widow started getting a bit smelly earlier than I was expecting also and turned out to be very sticky


My baggie seeds smelled strong very early-almost immediately- Now I have some pretty nice sized ILGM plants growing from seeds of various strains and not so much happening with the smell at 5 weeks… funny my baggie seeds had nothing i needed to grow them properly and these seeds have everything… wonder if stress makes them produce hormones for protection or natural selection keeps the healthy ones hidden so to speak( in stealth mode ya know?) so they make it to grow big n strong without being eaten by deer or whatever might want them ( like… me:) haha


Have you smoked it yet, if so, how was it?


That’s an interesting theory @gpitel. I wonder if there is anything to that. Actually does anyone know what the smell is?


my baggie seeds are just a week or two away from harvest- they are still pretty smelly but i run a carbon filter 24/7 and it does keep it under control ( 3 plants in a tent) - Ill keep you posted on the smoke :slight_smile:


Just tried some the other day from some I snicked a hair early and is dried but not properly cured yet the high is very pleasant hope the flavor ends up as nice . It is a active buzz as long as I dont sit down it helps with leg cramps pretty good and I have only had a few tastes.


Isn’t that the most wonderful thing? My first grow was also White Widow, and they do stink. Just wait till they flower. :yum:


@raustin when I would go water even just touching the planter makes them spray stink all over your arms . I am setting up a double filter system to help with the aroma. And yes they do smell yummy


I live in an apartment building on the lobby level and I had the entire building smelling like skunk. Luckily, I cleared it out quickly before any damage was done.

Lesson #2 learned: open the windows when harvesting.


Yeah I think the wife considered burning the flannel shirt I had on when I trimmed. And I do the laundry it was stinking up the closet of our room from the hamper .


Now I bake some garlic and parsley in the oven while I’m trimming. It definitely hides the worst of the stink.


That is a excellent idea especially since I love roasted garlic and butter roasted onions


@gpitel I just received my fan and carbon filter. Hopefully I’ll have time to install it this week. Please do keep me updated on the smoke.


I dont smoke much but gave up beer and looking for another outlet. I’m curious to know if this WW is going to be too strong for me.


I love that idea. An olfactory diversion!