Ooh ooh ooh...I bought a USB microscope. Check it out

I would ask you to look at the pictures I have provided all day. This is me taking shots of that. Do you like the images provided?

Stand alone with 18650 li-ion battery or plug into usb. portable biut, not designed to be a handheld.

Comes with 32gB micro sdram. (storage space). All images here were focus and click click click.
7" inch LED for someone with good sight would be happy.

It video records. Be aware there is not audio and this is normal unless you want to spend 400-500 bucks. Even then???

I am not done testing. I have yet to pair with my PC, but that may be because, I cannot read the small print on the pamphlet. I am going to attempt to video capture the instructions later.

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Yes I see what you mean with the blurred spots. I think maybe that might have been caused by different heights(distances), ie: the surface of the bud horizontally is not perfectly flat, and that alters the distance between parts of the bud and your lens in the same frame. Just a 000.1- 00.10 difference on a scope could cause a blur in the same frame with two different distances and just a little “-” or a little “+” could blur or focus “far” or “close” portions of the frame.

Maybe something perfectly horizontally flat like a postage stamp or a dollar bill etc. would be more appropriate for a test with such high magnification.

Apologies if I didn’t describe it right. Couldn’t think of all the correct words to use, but I think you know what I mean.

I never adjusted the height on the side by sode compatisons. I only manipulater the focus. I did this on purposr. I can crop out the blurry sode and keep the awesome side. you get 2 for 1 images from the same picture.

It works fine, easy to focus on flat images. We don’t grow $ bills, so IU did not include a picture. LOL :smiley:

I like it, I just need to do more tests. I just wish the lights had a longer gooseneck. I feel they are 2 short to allow me to place them in the most efficient angle for my purpose. Also, keep in mind that these are basically made for electronic techs.

After you get used to the functions it does work well.

I received a plugable digital microscope today, but I cannot get the light on. Waiting for support to get back to me. Unfortunately they do not have toe awesome support group We build into ILGM,