Ooh ooh ooh...I bought a USB microscope. Check it out



I cannot wait to play with this. I am also looking forward to checking out LST = leaf surface temperatire with my temp gun since I am using LED. I will try and find the link to the good deal I got.

Happy growing, ;w :slight_smile:


Wow, that looks like it could be a lot of fun. I can’t wait to see the pictures you get with it.

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I was going to buy a 250 $$$ scope, and still might. This was one of many in the 100 buck range and I got excited and clicked “place your order” :slight_smile:


I find myself having a “Place Your Order” every now and then :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


People around here say show us or it didn’t happen.
I get a lot of use out my Plugable. I did buy a hard stand and a camera tripod for on plant photos (they are always the best)
These are from a recent harvest

So Light it up and lets see the goods :microscope:


Very nice!!! I got my DM9 roday. Have not set it up yet. It comes with the bigass li-batteries, a 32 sd card, takes photos and movies in avi format. pretty stoked for 100 bucks, I got a cool tool.

I also have a Zoom Q4 and LivetrackL12 for movies and broadcasting. I use a cheap Kodak for images, ever since my 200 300$ plus Fujii cameras were stolen.

Once I set the microscoppe up, I will take some bud trichome shots and we can see how it all comes out. Thanks for watching. Peace


Can’t have to many toys.


Don’t get me started. I have invested many $$ over the past couple decades on equipment and more equipment just because members were buying and/or asking about the product. Part of the job.

I really bought this scope in order to view images of micro biology and fungi. Good gritty stuff.

Are you a Gunther Tootie fan??? @latewood

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What??? Sotty, I do not speak in code. :slight_smile:

OOH OOh ooh, thought you were referring to his catch phrase from the old tv show “car 54 ware are you”

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OK…LOL…wow! I guess you are in my age group. :slight_smile: Fred Gwynne was the best.

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I guess I dated myself there

I bought some creeping Thyme to spread in certain areas on the farm, and they claim to have sent 1000+ seeds. I don’t think so, and they are really tiny; So, I set up this LCD Microscope to attempt a count. I am not sure I am going to keep it but, I am going to try and figure it out the next couple days before I decide to return it.

The Ex is coming over today, health permitting and since she can read small print, we are going to see if we can set it up for what I intended to use it for. Will let you all know

Here is my first test with this LcD scope. I have not acheived interface with PC and in turn have not brought up images on my HDMI.

I am learning how to manipulate this instrument. I think this is possibly a decent option for some; Under 100 bucks.

Since my eyes are not what they used to be; I ask for your opinions.

Lighting was approx…80% or it washed out. (not an issue overall) Highest magnification…

Either way, here are some shots I took in order to share with anyone interested. Some are OK; I did the best I could and got better as we went. Interesting images of trichomes. What do you think? Here we go :slight_smile:

Fire OG


Those hairs😍

So ahrd to hold back. Putting this scope through the paces. I want to make sure it is valuable to members here.

Here are more pictures taken at the highest magnification position. I hope you do not get eyestrain. :slight_smile:

GG #4

Just by tweaking the resolution dial; I got 2 differnt images to use, or study, without movng teh object.



2 more examples of tweaking the resolution knob to get to different images. Yes. I did this on purpose. Just having fun. :slight_smile:

another tweak…

Hope you enjoyed the show. Happy growing.


Talk about looking up her skirt, damn.

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Keep what? The seeds or the scope? You just about had me sold on this scope, was about to page back up and click the Amazon link to investigate and probably push that deadly “buy now” button then I read that.

Before I bought seeds from ILGM, I bought a few kits from “a pot for pot” and the jewelers loop that came with the kit you clip on your phone for tricomb inspection just doesn’t really zero in on the combs, unless it’s just me and I’m using it wrong so I bought a pair of Vivosun’s jewelers loops and I can definitely see the tricombs much better but their a bit too small to see if they’re cloudy or clear or even if they’re amber or cloudy, but it might be because my hand is shaking some and there’s no way I’m going to try to mount those on a tripod.

Just wondering whether you kept this scope and if so how you like it? I just read through the article on Amazon but didn’t really understand everything. Can you detach this so you can take it to a plant and check out the buds or do you only use it in the shop on a desk? Can you use the system this consists of totally solo on its own?, as in without a PC? I don’t have a PC at my vacation house up in the Islands and would definitely want to use it there. If it’s not a standalone I probably won’t invest in it. Thanks Very Much for more information on this! I’d really appreciate it!