Only using HPS


A question from a fellow grower:

Can you grow marijuana STRICTLY using HPS from beginning to end instead of using both lights…ie MH for vegetation & HPS for flowering.


Yes you can, HPS is fine for both flowering and vegetative growth. HPS has a little more red light in it and this is why it is used for flowering, but it has plenty of blue light to keep the plants healthy in veg as well.


You can also buy an HPS lamp for your system with enhanced blue spectrum. Probably “Sunmaster”, and use that for Veg cycle. Changing to Noraml HPS lamp for flower.

Some growers swear by their “Blue Lgiht”


Yes, vegging under a blue light shifted spectrum might help keep internodal distance shorter and more compact resulting in more compact/denser buds during flower.


Exactly; In fact; When the Blue Eye Hortilux Metal Halide bulb came out years ago; I know many older growers were using nothing but the Blue Eye Hortilux for complete grows.