Only one Cotyledon

Never had this one before in any type of plant and see how it bent its self over to face the single leaf at the light.
Not sure why but only one leaf rolled out of the seed pod, I found pod sitting next to the plant, opened up the pod and its not in there.
Doesn’t seem to be a scar on the plant ether it only popped eight hours before this pic.
Its the last seed out of a bad batch of WW where only 2 sprouted out of 10. Or is it 1.5 ?
Wonder if it will grow normally from now on it seems normal and happy even with one food store.

This does sometimes happen. Give it a chance, it might just surprise you.

Happy growing,


I don’t think it will make much difference in the end
I tend to be feeding before they get used most of the time.

Where did you get your seeds? Just wondering

I ordered thru this site and I cant recommend them enough.
They sent replacements and this was one of the last the last three seeds.
I planted them to see if it would grow over chucking them out this is the only one that has grown.
Out of fifteen seeds I have had three grow, ten do nothing and two still in coco for four days no luck yet not holding my breath tho
I think I planted seven or eight first go and had nothing grow so I emailed the seller and they replaced the order straight away I was surprised but they have a happy customer here.

I have a work friend that worked for customs and he said they would sometimes sterilize tubs of mail if they picked something up but couldn’t find anything after a search maybe that what happened. I’ve searched alot of mail and its not much fun :slight_smile:
or maybe they just got damaged as they were sent in winter I am about to order some more but I think I will wait till autumn for better weather I am thinking of trying autos in my green house but I am alittle worried about humidity

The second batch have been good so far planted two got two, That why its good to go with a trusted seed bank.

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