Only one and two leaves? Red branching

I have gone and done it now, I went out and got a clone due to clone only regulations in my area. When I first got it, it struggled a bit to get started and now is growing ok semi-normal foliage but only like three leaves instead of the usual five at minimum. It was one of the better clones available with new green growth yet the leaves were small with short inter-nodal spacing. It is now growing wide indo leaves with about 2" internodal spacing and three leaves. It is throwing red branches on the fan leaves but also has green branching higher up.

Grow setup:
Small HID indoors
soiless peatlite

Any advise is appreciated. I have pics if needed.
Should I even throw it into flower?

Red stems is pretty much an indicator of a pH related nutrient problem. It can sometimes be caused by over-watering, the over-watering then causes similar nutrient deficiencies and itself can throw off the pH.

And in general, you never want to put a unhealthy plant into flower.

Any idea what the small leaves are about? How do you grow small leaves and short inter-node distance?

If I shouldnt put her into flower what should I do with her? She looks healthier just not throwing a lot of vegetating leaves. She has been looking good for the past two weeks. The first two weeks were not good though.

Short inter nodes is usually a good thing, lol. It is usually from giving the plant plenty of intense blue heavy light and maybe lacking in a specific frequency of red.

The small leaves, I have no idea. Maybe health related.

You could grow it out more, if you want. It should start developing more normal growth if it is healthy and you have the proper pH and nutrients for it now.

Thank You. Appreciate the advise