Only 5 seeds out of 10 came up. what went wrong?

A customer has a question and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks

I read lots of material about starting seedlings. I soaked them in water for 24 hours, then put them in a dark warm space between damp paper towels for a couple of days.
(I decided not to plant them outside due to the spring weather. see photo below). haha
Then I put them in an expensive seed starter soil with a transparent cover on them and placed them under T-5 bulbs as shown in the photos. After seeing the sprouts, I took the cover off of them.
I am keeping the temperature in the room at about 75 degrees. I have been spraying them with a little water twice a day.
Only 5 seeds out of 10 came up. I don’t know what went wrong. Any suggestions?


I would say possibly too much water. I germinated the same as you & put in pods (4) , unfortunately i drowned one of them with too much h20 before sprouting.


Is that newspaper you are using? The print and colored ink will get into your soil and make it toxic. Ever smelled a newspaper? Several white paper towels or unbleached coffee filters will do the same if u don’t want to use peat pots. But I would cut the bottom off a soda bottle and cover them up to increase the humidity and ride it out. You never know they still may sprout for u. Good luck looks like u are about to embark on a nice grow.