Only 1/3 plants grows as it should

Customer has problems with his grow. Only 1 out of 3 is growing as it should.

They are: Super Lemon Haze Autoflower

He uses fresh Ocean Forest soil and soaked seeds 48 hours before planting them.

The seeds were planted at the same time under the same led lights in sanitized tent, shuffled daily, watered as needed. 2 look horrible, one is beautiful.
Small tent so I only plant 3 at a time. Well vented with fan installed.

Can anyone give some tips and tricks for our customer? :slight_smile:

Soil could be too hot for seeds…

I agree with @Derf02368 possibly to hot…I use FFOF but not from seed to the soil…I germ in peat pots or peat in solo cups and the transfer to FFOF no probs so far.


UPFRONT disclosure, all FIVE of mine were from BAG seed but i tried germinating (successfully ) 5 super lemon haze. All five came up out of soil within 2 or 3 days from each other. The first week 2 of them kept going “ostrich” on me , bending over and putting their HEADS back in soil, TWICE that week and then died, lol. The other 3, 2 were SO puny like yours, compared to the 3rd and only the 3rd ultimately made it. I think that strain is “weak” in hardiness (or at least seems to be). I did NOTHING different with soil, watering, conditions, vessels, feedings from the TWENTY ONE blue dreams, two girl scout cookie, one unknown, a sunset sherbet, and a zkittlez, ALL of which are THRIVING. ONLY thing i can deduce is that SLH strain isn’t near as hardy and takes “special care” to propagate and make/keep healthy in comparison to those other strains.

ONE additional note to add: the ONE slh plant that made it, Sylvia Lance Harper, is the same age as those BD, and isn’t 1/3 of their size despite being the only “healthy” one that made it (she IS healthy, just small compared to the other strains). Who knows, she might end up beating up all the others in potency and taste :slight_smile:

@TheVirginian " Who knows, she might end up beating up all the others in potency and taste :slight_smile:" True.,Its like what would one want …a bunch of weed that’s :poop: 1/2 or a little less but really primo?

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The environment a plant is grown n will have a massive impact on the end result. Same strains can taste vastly different n have completely distinct effects. Besides growing techniques used this difference mostly comes from one thing, GENITICS. Also most marijuana comes from indoor growing, this unnatural growing environment is not ideal for marijuana plants. N these unnatural conditions ur plants will never reach their full potential, as the phenotypes will only have a certain range of expression available. Even with the more limited range of potential, there r still a variety of indoor environmental factors that will lead to great differences n phenotype expression. Factors include temp, humidity, lighting, medium used, nutes fed to the plants. Even something as small as the angle the lights r pointed at, is relevant for the marijuana plants.