Online seeds where to buy

Where’s a stress free arrest free place to order seeds from ?
Non legal in Kansas

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Here at ilgm



Definitely here

You’ve arrived.

Here its discreet so dont worry about it

I had no problems getting them from here, shipped from inside the states so no borders to cross.

What does the packaging look like

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Depends on what u order I got the mix pack autos 15 seeds came in a small vanilla package that’s says ur address, no mention of company name or nada, and it’s illegal where I live too, stressed a lot about that but ILGMA is great had problems with payment I emailed got it fix in 2 days. Can’t say enough good things

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I can say if you’re looking for discreet, avoid Seedsman. I’ve gotten a round of seeds from most of the major sellers online and they’re the only ones who sent them in the retail packaging that says “CANNABIS SEEDS” and all. Granted, they may very well have “discreet” shipping options for an up-charge - not sure, it’s legal in my state so I wasn’t worried about it.

ILGM is the right place, though. In terms of guarantees, they’ll make you whole. I.e. if it doesn’t arrive, doesn’t germ, payment gets goofed, any of the above - the customer service is easily worth the difference in price between them and other seed banks. Plus, if you do a buy 10 get 10, it’s a no brainer.


Mine was a manilla bubble envelope.

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ILGM for sure waiting on some now

ILGM is best place I’ve seen so far.