Online grow training

I don’t know if you guys checked it out or not, but Advanced Nutrients has an online hydro course. It’s free, and they have some pretty good videos and articles about setting up a grow room, substrates, hydro, techniques, etc. There is a quiz at the end of every module, at the end if you get over 75% you get a certificate. Don’t really care about that, but I learned more from this than I did when I was an AG Science major in college. I wish my professors had half the enthusiasm of the Master Growers they have doing the videos, lol! The crazy thing is, I got into horticulture classes mainly because of interest in growing weed, but the guy teaching it was a turfgrass guy and didn’t know jackshit about hydro, lol!


Learning is always a pleasure, thanks for sharing that @brazosdave ! I now have a class to follow, I’m already working in hydro, but there is always more to learn and to be taught!

I don’t think you can post that link @brazosdave. It’s against the rules.

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Thanks , didn’t know man. I removed the link


You can always say… Search the internet for the advanced nutrients online hydro course and that would be fine @brazosdave thanks for removing the link.


I removed the flag as link was removed

I’m actually taking a horticulture course because of how much I love growing and how much I love all plants and flowers…I’m excited to learn!


Im outta likes! But that is great @Ozzymomma1 spread the wealth of knowledge!