Onle plant had white mold one plant has caterpillars

So I behave 2 issues with separate plants both outdoors . One issue is that one of my plants is starting to get some white fluffy mold inbetween buds… it’s small and in a few spots bud rot…? My other plant has a Caterpillar issue I pulled a few out hiding in the buds and the area they where in the bud practically fell off. Ik I shouldn’t spray a budding plant with neem oil but idk what to do… the plant with the mold starting only has about 2 weeks left its auto flower and the plant with the Caterpillar problem is a clone with about 4 weeks left of bud. These outdoor plants have been nothing but issues sense I started them… lol the indoor ILGM gorilla glue autos have been flawless with no issues yet on day 58. Any help or suggestions is appreciated guys thank you

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Welcome to the community ! Bud rot and mold it’s one of those things that comes with a lot of rain and high humidity. Definitely get rid of all affected areas. A bud wash at the end would be a good way to get rid of all mold spores. I will tag a member @Hellraiser to post a video for you.

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After cutting out affected parts of the bud, hose with a generous shower of peroxide to kill of any residue.

Here you go