Ongoing first grow 2 auto lemon haze and a few mystery seeds and the new girls.. 1ripleys og , 1 pineapple express auto ,1 purple hulk auto ,1pinapple kush auto and a quick one auto

First group were started on the 29 of last month they are almost 5 weeks old now and looking pretty this is more more the new seeds they were planted in the first and second

pineapple kush bottom and Ripley top and Ripleys seems to be first out of she’ll and to have tap root coming out of the bottom of the plugpurple hulk left has just started breaking out a taproot and barneys pineapple express auto is out but still in shell and quick one was planted today bigger plant is the runt of the autos that survived


Alright we have a few that have broken yhe surface on day three and 4 not bad

Going To Be MOVING The One OUT Of The Box and in to its Own BUBBLE Bucket DIDNT THINK My Box out to well lol girls are getting very bushy lol will have to better space next timehoping for a smooth ride the rest of the way lol

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Hoping for some help notices this on some of my girls

Haven’t posted in awhile been growing still lol just seem a bit stunted

wondering if these look ok one Is auto

Added a new group to the mix a few more pineapple express, a purple hulk ,another quick one and one more Ripley og started about three days ago One Of The Purple didn’t open yet fingers crossed tho

And made another dwc

ALSO Has anyone used manifesto genetics the Ripley has been growing wonky as hell lol

Moved most the babies forgot to label as I moved tho lol

last one popped up over night looking good here expect the og it has weird leaves should I toss it?here’s a good look at the og

New day

Idk if it’s growing on track or what but it’s making progress I think lol

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Still growing days feel like years lol


The cash crop box batch is coming along

And The Other girls

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Moved a few and the express and kush are taking off

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