One wilting dying branch

I have one branch on one plant close to harvest that’s seems to be wilting and dying, no signs of cracks in the stem. Would it be okay to chop this branch early and dry as a sample or does this look fungal I don’t see any signs of bud rot just the wilted dying leaves that don’t come off when I tug them.
Should I just scrap the branch?

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I would chop it. How do the tricomes look? Do you have a jewelers loop?

I chopped it and inspected it plants are mostly milky with some abmber. But in a worse note I found a seed in the branch I chopped…great.
Hopefully chopping they rest this week and fingers crossed they aren’t all seeded l.

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That part about the seed I would not know I’m hoping you’re good tho bro.

I agree I would chop it to. If your that close to harvest then chop that branch and hang to dry. That way the plant will spend her energy on the other buds and not that one and waste it’s time