One week since going 12/12


This my first grow. It is bubble gum grown in Fox farms soil with no nutrients prior to switching to 12/12 schedule one week ago. Grown in tent with 450W led with a cfl on one side and an old fluorescent tubes on the other side. Just want the experts to look at it and give me an opinion. It is showing some hairs but not quite as fast as I thought it would.


looks to be transitioning well, be patient it will start flowering heavily in the next week or so


It takes about two weeks before they really start to flower. As @mountainman1 said, she’s transitioning, so be patient.


Now four weeks in and just need reassurance that everything is looking OK from the experts. I have done a lot of trimming of fan leaves so they look a little skinny. @mountainman1 @raustin


Looking good, @lotogrow! You’re doing a great job.


All is looking well, If I had to find anything amiss you look to have a few leaves curling down, could signify slight overwatering. Other than that you are flying along


Now at eight weeks I am getting excited! I am starting to get some amber pistils so it is starting to transition I think. @raustin @mountainman1


Yep, you’ve still got a few weeks to go, but you’re getting close. Im excited too!