One week into flowering

Very nice. Look forward to seeing your progress. Let me know if I can help you with any questions. :slight_smile:

I started to feed her molasses how many times can I use this for flowering??

If you believe that Molasses will do you any good; I suppose you can add it to each watering. IMO “Molasses” does not break down properly for consumption by the plant. I tried using it once for a grow, and all I got was “bugs”. IN fact; I have a brand new 4 year old bottle of Molasses just sitting on the shelf. :slight_smile:

Perhaps MacG will pop in and give us a nice scientific explanation.

:grin::grin::grin: so what homemade nut. I can give her while on flower stage??

It does kind of depend, if it is “garden” molasses, specifically made to be a amendment for soil, it might not have that much sugar in it and might help if used as directed. But if it does supply a bunch of sugar it might cause more problems than it owuld help as I mentioned here:

Adding sugar, honey or molasses during flushing?

Feed her some nut with 15-30-15 flower bloom I found out here and look how she’s getting Justin 3 days of feeding… How she looks??

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So how many days of flowering is this latest pic? 15? Looks good so far. My plant is on day 11 or 12 and no pistils yet.

Yes 15 days in flower!!