One week done report

Started the 8th day this morning. Plants seem to be healthy. I adding a little water around the plants Fri. & Sun. ( photo was made Sun. This morning was the first time since saturation that the pot felt significantly lighter. It has also separated from the sides a bit. I would guess that the roots are about to move from the Light Warrior into Ocean Forest. Is it time for me to do a total watering of 5gal smart pot ?

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Looking good. I would be careful about overwatering. Water and then let the soil dry out before watering again.

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That’s been my concern since starting. Saturated Dec. 30, the center, where the the seed was planted in a core of light warrior has been lightly watered 3 times. The rest of the 5gal fabric pot, over the 8 days, only once with about 1/2gal. distributed around the edge. I am not sure, when the seedlings roots grow outside of the light warrior, that the ocean forest in the rest of the pot will be moist enough.

Start to make rings with water around her, further and further out. It’ll make the roots stretch for it. She looks good though!

What strain is that