One things not like the others

Hey all. Looking for opinions. I have these three WWA, two of them seem to be progressing nicely. But one, planted same day is taking forever to bud up. Im thinking of abandoning it. Its taking up valuable light space in my 3 x 3 tent. Its also getting tall at 35in its gonna be a problem soon. What would you all do?


It is clearly transitioning to flower, if it were mine I would ride it out if at all possible.

All of your plants look very nice. Well done!


Ya think? Is it normal for autos to take this long to flower? Shes at least 10 weeks from sprout.

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I have only grown photo period plants so far…

My understanding of autos is that each plant will have it’s own schedule.
Some are faster than others, some larger or smaller.

This is true of photos as well, but I think that photos give us a bit more control over schedules and plant size. Your slow girl will be fine, just give her a bit more time to become a big girl.

Not being an auto grower I am not sure but maybe you could try super cropping to keep the tall one under control. Be careful with super cropping as it may be a little late…I just don’t have the experience to say.
Perhaps @Missiles or @blackthumbbetty would have some better info.


You can grow 10 autos and they can all be different it’s just the way of the auto


Im cool with that, if she gonna produce she can stay. Thanks for the info @merlin44, @Hogmaster.


I agree autos have their own time schedule. If she were mine I’d let her go she is pretty far along @Phoneman


It’s budding, now. You can do some lst, if she’s still flexible. I think @GreenThunder supercrops autos. I have never been brave enough to try it, myself

Autos have their own schedule. It’s rare to have such a long veg period, but not unheard of.


let her go her distance and think of it as your Christmas Pot :santa:


I had one of those. Very larfy airy buds, I let it go till it started to rot. It gets you high but better for edibles. No Bag Appeal!!

My GSC took 3 months to finally flower and she is a Pbotoperiod. I already had a 14/10 light schedule. I was thinking of tossing her so I joined this forum and have learned so much more.

Your plants look beautiful.

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Im gonna let her go for a while longer. The two others will be commin down in a few weeks anyway. Then she can have all the light until the 3 i just germed in cups go in the main tent.

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Move your light schedule to 12/12 if it ain’t already and it should kick her into high gear… :wink:

Look at it this way…you will have two to harvest soon. AND, one that will be ready after Halloween.

Each seed is a “roll of the genetic dice”…especially with variations of the photoperiod.
Some hatch and grow big n fast…some hatch and grow weak and slow.
This will have nothing to do with care and feeding…it’s just how some grow.

suggest you get seeds from dependable volume sellers. Like ILGM…almost all their seeds are healthy viable and importantly from the same batch of seeds. Promoting a more predictable growth pattern. cut lights to 11 hrs and it will get into high gear.

Yep they were ILGM seeds. I will try the 11 hour shift.

Happened to me, too. I have one I harvested one month ago, the other I finally moved outdoors. She’s still green but really doing well, maybe my nicest plant ever. Problem now is the nights are getting chilly. If she doesn’t finish up, I’ll string her with Xmas lights. She’s 3.5 months old now.