One Stunted or Sick? and Two Helathy Flowers (close to ready?)

Two questions about three plants.

First pictures are of two plants first planted about 9 weeks ago (one is blueberry one is granddaddy. They still have a lot of white hairs. My question for them is how close do they look? My goal for the harvest is to be a bit on the early side to limit the amount of thc. I know it’s unusual, but for health reasons I’d like to be on the weaker side of the plant’s potential.

Last pictures are of a 3rd plant that is about a month younger than the first two. It’s leaves are so narrow and it looks stunted/shriveled? Any ideas on what’s going on with it? Is it genetic? Or a problem with watering or nutes? Have tried searching but haven’t found any plants that look similar online- colors being good, but shape of leaves looking like this. Everything has been the exact same for all plants.

Left is blueberry auto, right is granddaddy purple auto
Planted: flowering: 9 weeks ago
Sick/stunted: 20 days ago
450w LED light
Medium: Organic soil + 1/3 supersoil
Nutrients: None added
Each re-potted about a week and a half after planting when they outgrew their initial small pots

And the sick/stunted one:

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The sick one looks overwatered to me. Also looks like leaves are wet. I never let my leaves get wet.


Thanks- for watering have been using like a spray bottle/mister so they tend to get a bit wet right after watering. Realize that creates some mold risk. Can easily try watering less and keeping it off the leaves.

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Totally agree with HMGRWN best way to tell when to harvest is microscope or jewellers loop and look at Google for charts but if u don’t want heavy THC I believe u want clear trichomes

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Correct on that clear. The more amber the heavier laid back buzz

I would stop foliage spray, has a tendency to leave burn marks from the light