One seedling is struggling

These are my first official seedlings see attached (i had to move during this stage with my first). Fern has always been a more avid grower - even during germination she was bigger. Pearl has been growing slowly but surely behind Fern. Yesterday she had fallen so I tied her up with what I had and let a fan blow on her (to build her “trunk”). Fern is doing awesome as always (might’ve been a little over watered but she’s forgiving) but Pearl is looking dryer by the day - her soil is moist to the touch. What should I do?

***Last check up the ph was about 7 and the light was at 500 (using a three way monitor for budgets sake)

Filling that space at the top with some more medium would prop Pearl up better than that straw. I’d fill it all the way up to the tippy tippy top. Mound it over even. Try to bury Pearl’s stem up to her cotyledons. It’ll grow and become roots.
Remove the straw first.

does that look alright? Her true leaves are so close to her cotelydons

The seedlings look like they are stressed due to likely being an a soil or medium that probably contains too many nutrients for seedlings.

What does the light is at 500 mean?

Also you could be over watering them, the soil staying too moist all the time is not good for cannabis, their roots get waterlogged easy. The dark purple-ing in the worse struggling seedling could be a sign or symptom of over watering.

The curling or cupping or “taco-ing” of the leaves and the burnt or yellowing tips of the leaves is a symptom of too high of nutrients in the soil, aka “nute burn”.


How do I change the medium without messing up this stage?

You really can’t. Not safely anyway. If you attempt to remove that limp seedling from the medium where it has started it’s small roots; It will probably die.

Now that the mistake of placing a seedling in “hot” soil has been made; You are just going to have to ride it out, and hope for the best.

Yeah that’s how you do it. I saved my plant the same way and she’s flowering now. She got stretched when I had to hide her in the woods for a day due to a state inspection of my apartment building. I used a medium with little to no nutrients in it though. I hope your girls make it.

I was curious randogro are your seedlings pulling thru?

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Pearl is no longer with us. Fern is trying so I put her in a pot filled with Happy Frog and two cfls a couple days ago . I just added an Aqua Globe (imma be outta town for a couple days) and a fan. Also got another rando bagseed in germination.

I’m having trouble uploading the pictures

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I’m sorry for your loss. Myself I think next time I’m just going to use coco coir with pearlite in it all the way thru.

Coco coir and perlite have their own issues. Nothing wrong with growing in dirt; You just can’t over fertilize a seedling.

Coco coir is tempermental.

Perlite requires more attention to your watering schedule; It dries faster.

What I am trying to say is; Pick a style or method and stick with it for 2-3 grows in order to learn to “know what you are doing”! If you switch ideas every time you have an issue; You will never learn any method. We all go through mistakes, environmental issues, etc…

I hope this helps. Peace

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Thanks for the heads up about coco. It’ll probably be April or May before I start another grow so I’ll look more into the pros and cons. I’m just not crazy about this peat-based pro mix I’ve been using.

For clarification. I am not deterring you. A mix of Coc0 and Perlite could make a great Medium. What I was attempting to convey, was that you would have to mix it up, and grow with it. You will develop issues with any medium you choose. So; It is a matter of sticking with a concept until you master it.

Glad to help you whenever you decide for sure. Peace, lw

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