One Seed Two Plants?

How is this possible? I planted one seed and a second plant popped up a few days after the original. I’m positive I only planted one


It can happen. You have twins! Usually one doesnt make it.


Now would be the time to try and separate them before the root systems get too big


Yeah, poor wee lass is looking a little sickly…

What’s weird to me is they’re so far apart. I would have thought that, if they’re 2 sprouts off the same little seed, they’d be right close together…?

Ahhh, yes, thank you!

How deep was the seed?

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About an inch

The drug you got are pretty good :wink:

An updated pic?

Poor little miss ain’t gonna make it…

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Maybe she can, don’t give up hope her! Talk sweet nothings to her. She looks like she sure has a chance

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