One seed found during trim


I am trimming my harvest and found a single seed on one bud. I hadn’t seen or found any others…wondering exactly what this means?


@HighDesertFarmer Well, it probably means it’ll be a female seed, so lucky you.


I have found 3 random seeds in my bud I have been using from my last crop. Long as there are not a lot, I don’t mind, didn’t seem to affect the smoke any. 3 beans out of 4 oz so far isn’t bad…


just a seed! No worries brother! Thats called a Bonus! It’s the gift that keeps on giving (Jelly of the month club; National Lampoon, Christmas Vacation, 1989)


Thank you very much everyone :slight_smile:


If I find one seed in every plant, I will be a happy camper! Cha Ching!


Natures way of continuing the strain.