One Plant Totally Stunted Growth

I am a first time grower. I started with only two plants/seeds. I have made several mistakes, wrong nutes and overuse of those. One plant has recovered. The other is essentially a six inch stalk with two leaves on top. I plan to flower when the healthy plant grows another two and a half inches, maybe two weeks or so. I just heavy dosed the lost plant with blood meal/nitrogen. I am hoping to maybe get one bud off of it. Any ideas on getting another bud or two?

Hard to say without seeing a picture. If you feed it plain ph’d water for a while it might surprise you. If there are more than one node even if the leaves dropped, you could try low stress training it (gently bending it). Again, it’s all shots in the dark without more details and pics.

I read my grow journal and realized I did not flood it when I did the other one. I flooded it tonight. Hopefully a little more growth before and during flowering. It stopped growing shortly after I topped it. Depending on what happens the next few days, I may try to train the main leaves down so the very small new tops get more light. Maybe two buds versus one. I had wrote it off as a lost cause. Any buds will be a plus and a learning experience. Thanks for the suggestion.

How tall is the good one cause unless you make three foot less than ten plants won’t get you much

Yeah, the stunted plant has started growing. It will never catch up to the other plant, but maybe a few extra buds. I may even be able to top it a second time before sending to bloom.

I am growing Bubblegum Fem. The average grow is 20 - 32 inches. I will send to bloom when it reaches 16 inches.

The stunted plant is now growing beautiful large green leaves. It looks much healthier than the larger plant that has supposedly suffered from potassium deficiency. I am battling some kind of flying insect problem. I treated the plants and soil with Diatmaceous (sp?) Earth, and left for a couple of days. I took both of the plants outside and rinsed/watered with tap water. I also removed everything from the grow room and sanitized with bleach. Washed the walls and floors, and sprayed insecticide. I added some sterilized Happy Frog soil to the containers to adjust for settling/compacting from the original transplant. I sprayed the top soil with neem oil, and sprinkled the soil with DE. Still seeing a few buggers, so another disinfecting in a week and a half or so. The new question is to send to bloom based on the larger plant, or the healthier plant size? These plants are persnickety. I hope to gain as much knowledge possible before attempting a second grow.