One plant out of seventeen showing nutrient problems

I have seventeen plants and only one shows nutrient problems. My tap water is PH 6.4 and I adjust nutrients to PH 6.4. Any idea why only one plant is showing nutrient stress? The other sixteen plants are fine. They’re all in the same soil mix and are watered and fed identically.

I water or feed to 20% runoff so there shouldn’t be an issue with accumulated salts.

You have them outside?

Your grow would be much easier to follow if you didn’t start a new thread for each question. You can keep posting in your old one, then we’ll know more about the history and we won’t have to ask 20 questions every time.


Sorry. I thought it would be less confusing to create separate threads for differing issues.

These are currently inside/outside plants. They’re outside in natural sunlight during the day and inside for artificial light supplementation at night. They’ll become fully outside plants when they’re transplanted into larger pots and flipped to bloom cycle.

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Ok, it looked a little like light burn to me, how long have you been doing the inside/outside thing?

My other guess was calcium. The more info you can provide, the easier it will be to help find the right answer. :+1:

These have been carried outside daily since the day they had all broken through soil. The lights aren’t close enough to cause burn but were for awhile when the seeds had first popped. I remedied that problem.

The seeds were popped in Sunshine Mix #4 Aggregate Plus with Mycorrhizae. When they had grown their second or third sets of leaves they were transplanted into one liter fabric pots in the same grow mix but with 25% Dr. Earth Natural Choice Premium All Purpose Compost added. I started feeding them very lightly when they were about 20cm tall. I feed them when I see their new growth looking a little bit lighter. Don’t yell at me but I’ve been using Miracle Grow All Purpose plant food while they’re vegetating. I’m going to gradually switch to Kelp4Less Extreme Blend nutrient mix starting next feed.

They’re in dire need to be transplanted to larger pots but I can’t do that for another 3 days.

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What’s your input water PPM before nutes?

Watch for little pests when bringing in and out.


My PPM meter broke so I can’t answer that question. I could run some distilled water through them but I can’t imagine that being necessary since I water to 20% runoff every time I water or feed.

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I was trying to figure out where you might be at with calcium, but I still lean towards light burn. Between being outside, and then the extra supplement inside, your DLI might be very high. Maybe when you bring them in, keep them on the lowest power, just for the hours of light not quantity.

@beachglass also makes a really good point about the pests too. Check them over real good and you might want to consider treating them as a “prophylactic” measure.

I haven’t seen any pests yet but I’m sure they’ll start showing up soon.

The plants are in bright shade for about two hours of the day. Also, it’s still early in the year so I haven’t worried about them getting too much light. I recently decreased the light cycle from eighteen to seventeen hours total but I could decrease to sixteen if you think it will help. I decreased the light cycle by one hour to lessen stress on the plants because I’m thinking the one liter pots are too constraining. I’ve noticed their growth rate has slowed over the last week or two and I’m fairly certain the small pots are the cause. I would have transplanted them into larger pots several days ago but a situation here has been delaying that.


Calcium is ur problem give ur plants some cal/mag when u water


Thanks. I’ll give them a little gypsum.


Or maybe dolomite lime would be better. I have both.

I cant answer that one cause i don’t have any experience with these products sorry the colsest thing i use is volcanic rock dust fertilizer ive never used gypsum or Dolomite lime

Here is an article I found.

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I have volcanic dust and glacial rock dust but I use those for slow long term trace mineral release. Gypsum supplies calcium and sulfur. Dolomite lime provides calcium and magnesium. Lime adjusts soil PH but gypsum doesn’t.

I’ve done nothing yet except water. The condition isn’t worsening. I think the plants’ growth slowed because I was letting them get pretty dry. I’ve been watering more often for three days ang they’re growing more rapidly. I really need to get these into larger pots.

I’ve gone through images from multiple sources to get a better idea of what might be causing the interveinal brown spots. I think Tezza2 is right. I’m out of Cal-Mag at the moment so liquid calcium and epsom salt will have to do. I think I’ll have more control with those than with dolomite lime.