One plant, One pound


Wowza. Nice grow. Happy Harvest


Lovely plant do u think u are going to get a pound from this one plant i would say good on you if you get a pound but i would say u will get about 7-9ozs


Thanks for your input, I’m not sure what I’ll get, but it also has a lower level of more buds four inches long. The full plant is not shown. Stay tuned, I’ll post more pics. and dry weight soon…BTW this is one plant in a 4x4 tent with a full spectrum light enough for a 5x5 tent.


How does this measure up?


Welcome to the community @IIGOODIVU
Nicee plant, nice color

I will said maybe 7 ozzy remember weed plants loose 50% to 70% of weight went they dry

Happy growing :metal::green_heart:


7.0 Oz…That’s still cool for me. My next grow is two plants. GG and BB seeds bought here at ILGM. Next grow I will be able to enter for bud of the month. Thanks for your input…


My last gg4 in a 20 gave 5lbs wet trimmed. 15oz cured. 6oz or so popcorn and trim for edibles. This was a 7th gen clone that totally filled a 3x3 wall to wall. Next is pushing to maybe 3 oz less final. BUT I also allow a lot of popcorn to develop low and stage harvest them. 100% for medical. Smokers are auto mostly for variety. Good luck on a pound. If setting that as a goal i go big pots…always photo…long veg.


That’s a beautiful grow. I was wondering if I should harvest the lower buds first. They seem to be darker than the taller colas.

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I harvest big tops first. Then keep feeding and run normal couple more weeks. The smaller ripen and go right into oils and honey. Weight gain negligable. Maybe 20%max. But the medicine always turns out amazing. It allows me to go amber for sleep and first tops can be smoked if can handle it. This is 8th round on the gg4. I swear to everything holy it is now hitting 30% thc. Stronger every t



@IIGOODIVU nice choose went you started to grown more plants you will see a lot of flowersss, just good luck in trimming jail :joy::green_heart::metal:


When you say 7th generation I take it to mean

Mother / Cutting = clone gen 1
clone gen 1 / cutting = clone gen 2
clone gen 2 / cutting = clone gen 3
clone gen 3/ etc etc

I am curious. I did the above with a northern lights. The mother was rather small but had great color and was a prolific trichome producer. By the 3rd generation they had even more color, no noticeable increase in trichomes but they progressively grew smaller. At that point she was not robust enough to carry on.


I count 10 maybe 11. Still awesome dude

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Thanks, this is my first grow so I’m not sure how to gauge the weight yet. Im still learning and sure I will always be…


You should pull that easy looking at those cola monsters :love_you_gesture:


How long do you think it has to go. What do the trykes look like. You have a jewelers loop or microscope.

Strain dependent to a degree. Some clone well. Some less well. I think given the choice between cloning from each generation to the next vs clones from one mother just over and over again the better choice is to clone a mother grown from seed. Remember the movie Multiplicity ?


Next weekend will be the 8th week in flower mode. I may be hanging the colas soon.

Yes. Mother then clone clone clone. No difference. Stronger. Science says no diff in mom and clone without mutation. Exact copy is exact copy. Just get easier to grow. Learned her. Could be 8 or 9. Dont count. 2 years constant grow… perpetual on this gg.


Would like to see pics in natural light and see some close ups. Seems to me those colas are not that fat. I’m not saying they don’t look good.
In that light they look 2 weeks out no girth.
Like i said would like some bettet pics in natural light.
You are going to know best because you can see them.