One plant is covered with flowers, the other is not. What to do?


A question of a fellow grower:
We ordered 5 Amnesia Haze Auto seeds. We tried to germinate 3 and only 2 sprouted. The plant on the left started 21 Oct and 29 Oct on the right. You can clearly see the left plants is covered with flowers and the right plant has none. The shape of the leaves is clearly different. Let us know what you think. Cheers.


Autos do there own thing so give her a lil time no two plants are the same even if same strain…each are individuals like children


growing at different rates,totally normal…


Each seed is a roll of the dice. Some grow big. Some don’t.
Keep in mind you are dealing with hybrids. Mutations if you will. Not uncommon to see different growth rates and physical differences. Still, the fruit will be sweet.


I’ve seen as much as three weeks difference in finish time you might consider raising the plant so the light doesn’t get to far away but they look good :grinning:


If you were growing photoperiod plants, I would say grow some, pick out the best female, and then clone that forever. All will be identical and female.