One plant is autoflower, any advice?

A question of a fellow grower:
I have only planted 4 of the seeds so far, (2) blueberry (2) northern lights, only one of them was an autoflower. I’m new at this and have only had experience with autos so I did not know what was going on until I started researching online. I only have one 4x4 setup so I had to buy another light to keep the auto under 18 hours of light. I had it under 12 hours for two weeks with the regular plants while I waited for shipping of the new light and it seems to have stunted it. I am starting a DWC setup and it’s hard to do without knowing which seeds are autos and not. Any help or advice would be appreciated.

The three plants that are inside the tent are about four weeks into flower. One plant started flowering on its own about four weeks in from seed, that’s the one that’s sitting by itself. The other three would not go into flower until about 4 days after I changed the lights to a 12 hour cycle. These 4 were all planted on November 1st. You can clearly see size difference and difference in stages of budding. Like I said these plants in the tent are under 12 hours light because they wouldn’t go into flower under 18 hours.

What I would do is plant 2 seeds run them under 18/6 long enough to see if they are autos if neither are autos then fill your space and flower. If both are autos then continue 18/6 until they are both finished then start over. If you end up with one of each you can keep your light at18/6 and train the photo until the auto is done by then the photo will be a beast and you will be able to flip to 12/12 and flower it. you could also get another set up to go with the new light because the more the merrier right

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I agree. You could’ve kept them all on 18/6 schedule until you noticed which plants started flowering. The problem there is you don’t really want to be transplanting after that, and some people recommend you don’t transplant autos at all. A little better organization would go a long way.

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