One plant has trichomes, the other doesn't?

Hi friends. I have 2 Green Cracks growing outside side by side, from the same seed packet- both in flower for about 5 weeks, one is almost 10 feet, the other just over 7 feet. The bigger one has been a lot slower developing its buds, but upon closer inspection today I noticed it doesn’t even have trichomes?! Worried it’s freaked out or something.

I’ve basically treated them the same, with periodic Gaia Green treatment, same watering etc. Insights? Maybe the larger one needs more time?


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Plants may well mature at different rates, despite similarities such as strain, environment, and so on.


I think this is happening to me …or the out her thing could just be one plant is getting or up taking more than the other like a fat slob

The color difference is throwing me
Both seem very healthy tho

Lacewing- the plants in the foreground look like they have good cola development, no?

I actually noticed that when I looked at them straight on there is some leaf curl happening around the bud sites, as seen here in the center of the photo.

Hmmmm…to be honest it looks like wind burn maybe ?

That could also be a symptom of broad mites. Is it just that one spot?

@Lacewing i dont think its wind burn, they will normally claw and round downwards. Possible heat stress but weird that its only in one spot. Did you just recently feed it heavily? Sometimes that can’t cause it as well but again only in one spot.
I’d prob just keep an eye on it over the next few days. Im guessing it will correct itself and be just fine.

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Bobby- it’s for the small (sugar) leaves surrounding all of the buds actually, I know the pic only shows one spot.

Take a good look with some magnification for pests, that being said I have seen many leafs do that with no actual issues not sure if it’s a genetic trait that has been passed down on some plants or of its an environmental issue at times.

Thanks Nicky, yes I had a look…it’s almost touching its twin sister, which is developing just fine, with no apparent issues or pests either. But as I said is only about 60% of the size of this one. I’m going to chalk it up to slow growth for now, it’s such a giant. If I’d known it would get so large I’d have given it more space to widen out as I topped it. Next time as they say lol.

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Is thst your bunny?

Ha, no, just a funny pic, but I do have 2 of them. I’ve been dumping their poop out in the back for years, and this may be why I have a “problem” 10 ft weed plant lol.

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