One plant Canoeing, the other is not

Starting a new W. W. grow. One plant is canoeing the other is not. Both have been treated exactly the same. I am thinking this is heat stress but i’m not sure.

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The 5 starter pot are Blue Cheese that are going outside when ready.

Raise your light 6-8" to start, that will begin to drop your heat, monitor and repeat if necessary

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They look fine to me. Just looks like they’re loving the light and are reaching for it


I agree with @HornHead
On a side note what works for one plant might not work for another. They may have same environment and food but 1 may handle it differently because of the phenotypes that decidea to become traits. Each plant is different and you need to treat them as such.


Everything is coming along fine with this ILGM White Widow Auto grow. These 2 plants turned out really bushy and the LST has worked great. Some nice buds coming.

Sprouted 4/4

Started flowering 5/10

They have been in flower only 12 days.


I am now 3 weeks into flowering. The plants are showing signs of nutrient burn (I believe). Is it ok to flush since they are so far along into the flowering stage? @HornHead

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Yeah go ahead. I flush 3-4 times during flower

The yellowing spots looks like something else besides nute burn. Check your ph

@HornHead I didn’t think ph cause I always water at 6.7- 6.8 ph. And when I feed I use Advanced Nutrients ph perfect nutrients. Another thought was to put them in bigger buckets. They are in only 2 gal pails. Would it hurt to transplant at this point?

This far along in flower I wouldn’t transplant

Thank you.

Umm pic 1 looks like she’s hungry, not Nute Burn. Pic 2 shows a little burn at the tips, that’s nute burn. But it looks like that’s been there for a while, so probably old symptom.

Did you already flush these plants?

No I did not flush. I gave them a good dose of clean phd water last night though. I checked the trichromes this morning and i’m at about 10% amber. I don’t want to ruin the crop so i’m being careful since they are so close to harvest. I’m just not sure where to go at this point. I was also thinking they might just be at that last stage of growth where they start feeding on themselves.

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Almost ready for BOTM. Another week possibly.


Another week it seems.

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Really bummed. My biggest plant split at the main stem from the buds being so heavy. I pulled it back together with string to try and help her heal. I hope it works. Although it’s about 5-7 days from harvest. So might not be a big deal. As you can see the buds on this one are huge.


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