One plant acting funny asking wisdom

Hey All!

I have one plant that is showing with some concerning signs. It is weird because all of these are planted same time, same tent, same nutes, same water, regimine, lights, etc. I would appreciate any and all help!

ILGM blueberry auto
Day 48 from sprout
Happy Frog
Dr Earth Flower girl currently at half strength once a week
Cal mag here and there
Molasses every other feeding or so
19 5
Kind K3 600 LED
Oscillating fan
Distilled water
Good venting



Hey @Xeetro that one in front does look like it needs some attention.
I’m noticing some different size and kinds of containers. Some fabric maybe 3 gallon and some plastic maybe 1 gallon. Really can’t tell but my question is…
What are you doing for your root zone? Any beneficial microbes?
Not sure if your getting some nutrient deficiencies, lockout or root rot.
Check this article about leaf diagnostics and see if you can tell which may fit your tent best.

Providing some beneficial microbes not only protects your plants but also aids in breaking down salts built up in your soil and making it available for your plant to uptake.

Using organic nutrients and organic black strap molasses. I assumed microbes were already in the soil. Is this not correct? I certainly appreciate the help!
Four 3 gallon fabrics
One 5 gallon fabric
One 4 gallon plastic (experiment)

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Yes, I checked and Happy Frog comes with beneficial microbes in the bag. I add a booster dose weekly in my DWC hydroponic garden.
I checked on the fox farm website and they have a regime that includes a bi-weekly dose of Bush Doctor microbe brew.

BTW - the fabric pot allows air to get to your roots, plant like O2, and act as a barrier. The air prunes your roots so your plant doesn’t get root bound around the edges.