One plant 3 wks older. When to start flower?

Pls help me! I am a first time grower. I started with a seed I found in a bag. Then I ordered WW seeds from ILGM and have 2 plants that I started 3 wks later. The older plant already looks like it’s flowering with healthy looking pistils. The younger two plants are smaller and are just starting to show pistils. The LED light I have is only 300 watts (output 140 watts) and it is on a 18/6 vegetative schedule. Is the older plant telling me it’s time to start flowering with 12/12 schedule? Or can I wait a couple weeks for the younger plants to “catch up” a little?

This pic is from the older plant.


First of all, welcome to ILGM forum, the greatest place on earth for acquiring knowledge on cannabis growing and much more :grinning::+1::v:

You certainly can wait for the others to catch up, @Plankton, because , the older one gone a stay in vegetative stage until you switch to a 12/12 schedule, however, if your un known seeds is an auto flowering one, it gone a flower anyway.

Hoping that’s helping you :grinning:

~Al :innocent: :v:

Thanks SO much Al for answering so quickly! I never even thought of that - that the one I found in a bag could be an autoflowerer! I think that makes sense too cuz it’s pistils are already turning brown. It may have been auto flowering.
Thanks again Al! Appreciate ur time.

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You’re welcome @Plankton, it’s always a pleasure to help a fellow grower :grinning: :+1: :v:

Hello Matthew420. I noticed u withdrew a response and that u are also from MA. Any advice for me?

I was asking about if they were auto seeds but I noticed it was covered already. Didn’t want to add junk to your thread. Sorry.

I am curious about your grow space. Knowing your LED wattage is more helpful if we know the space it’s trying to cover.

140 True watts is good for about 5 sq. feet but better for 2.5 sq. feet.

With 3 plants I’m guessing their canopy is more than 2.25 x 2.25 feet. Might want to add another one of those LED’s but sq. footage of your grow space we can tell you exactly what wattage to use.

My tent is 2x4x6. I only have the three plants being cautious til I became a little more comfortable with everything. I have a 600 watt on the shopping list to add to my existing 300 watt cuz a friend suggested having about 1000 W. Do u think that’s enough? May I ask what part of the state u are from? I’m new to the blogging and it’s safety, so it’s u don’t want to answer, I completely understand. Thanks so much!

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You want 25-50 true watts per square foot. True wattage being the actual power draw. I would shoot for 350 true watts roughly

Welcome @Plankton there are a bunch of us on from Eastern MA but you are the first from the “other” side of MA lol. Best wishes for your grow. @Matthew420 is pretty good with the lights!

PS these Patriots you speak of are they any good? (Profile) I’m a wee bit of a fan!

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Excellent. I’ve read a lot, but have never seen what wattage/sq.ft. guideline. I would want between 200 and 400W technically. So if I get the 600W I was planning on buying, which is 280 true I believe (if my 300W is 140 true), and add that, I would have 900W or 420 (good # lol) true watts. That sounds good to me for my 2x4. If I got another 300W (true 140), that would be 600W total or 280 true watts. Better to get 420 true watts than 280 true watts?


420w would bring you to the top end, plus a tiny bit. You’d be all set. I wouldn’t go beyond that though… :slight_smile:

Hello and welcome, cute pup! …a lot of us are from Massachusetts…! Your plant looks good, to flower that intensely on 18-6 it’s very likely an auto


welcome @Plankton to ilgm forum,that pic of the older plant is awesome!

Welcome @Plankton I’m in mass too, learning tons on the forum.

Oh yeah @bob31! Ur profile pic stuck right out. Love that old school insignia! Idk if my profile background pic uploaded correctly, but my neighbor made that template for the design on my front lawn! I went to WPI and then worked for UPS as an engineer in the Worcester, Providence and Norwood areas for 9 yrs after that. So I got to see some real die hards out there! Got to see Gillette being built doing stuff with our drivers! But back in Western MA and we are true fans too! And my dad didn’t have a son, so I was watching the games with him as long as I can remember. Boy, what a game this year! Never lost hope believe it or not. So many comebacks with Brady u almost take them for granted. And ur right, I can tell @Matthew420 knows his stuff. Everyone here is so nice about sharing all their knowledge! God, I’ve been dry and finally about to go pick up LEGALLY!


Thanks @Matthew420. I ran out of replies yesterday as it was first day on the forum.

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Thanks @bige. I’m shocked and smiling ear to ear about comments of the pic I took. (However u havent seen pic of whole plant yet - I pulled a bait and switch to pique some interest lol) I saw the pistils turning color and at least knew that meant it was already flowering. Embarrassed I didn’t think that it was an autoflowerer since I have it on 18/6 light still for other plants. Tx for the welcome!

What % brown pistils is it at right now @Matthew420, @bob31? Pls refer to better pic on earlier post of 1 cola or bud (? on lingo still). I need to cram on harvesting, etc. cuz it looks likes it’s almost ready! My other plants and this one as well started with huge pretty leaves. Then many turned yellow so I pulled them off as I read to.

Now leaves are small. I think I was hand pruning and more smaller leaves grew back. So plants are skinnier and smaller volume. However, flowerer’s cola is sticky, smells amazing and is very dense.

That first pic is the plant that had the bud u guys like but now it looks like it came from the Grinch to me. See how they started? It could be anything! This is first grow and I have paid no attention to be honest about details like humidity, etc. Maybe lighting (even distance? especially since that nice one from my bag seed started autoflowering but I didn’t know and didn’t change distance) or nutrients cuz I need more light as @Matthew420 and I discussed. I use fox farms with a light hand. But I didn’t use nutrients at all at first cuz I mistakenly used miracle grow soil to start. Read about that after. Speaking of which, should I stop all nutrients to flowering plant if it’s almost ready? U guys are gonna regret helping me lol. I’m a sponge with questions. And a book or article can’t answer specific questions. I started backwards with a seed that I germinated as I hurried to order a tent and LEDs. But I love that my $100 light/$60 tent setup is doing as well as my bro-in-law’s friend’s $2000 hydro well planned setup. I started the research while germinating and am hooked. Will start right next time around. More lights will be on the way next week.

Tx @paranorman. She’s a pit I named Sativa. My friend got a grey one from the litter he named Indigo. Tx for the welcome!

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