One or two vipar spectra led lights?

i have a extra vipar spectra 1500 led grow lamp, would it be better to use both at the same time, would it equal a 3000 watt led grow light? or is it just a waste of electric?? in a 2x3 tent?? thanks john

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What model is it exactly?
If you want post a pic of the model tag.

Yeah take a pic of your light, or model number. 2 things I have the viparspec xs1500 and its not 1500 watts only around 150 watts. So if you have 2 of them they would be better together in your 2x3. Another plus is you could run both lights at probably 50-75 % and get a better coverage then just using 1. How many plants you have in that space ?

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hi thanks for the quick answers i have the viparspectra p1500 led grow lights if that helps answer my question they are dim with a nice knob on the end.

hi again i have 2 plants in that 2x3 space and the led p1500 uses actual 150.watts the light is painted green,thanks again john

If it was me like said depending on how many plants you have in there, I would run them both, and use your dial to lower light intensity. 1 will do a 2x2 so 2 in a 2x3 should be solid. Also I don’t believe in overkill more light the better to a point. Also download photone app it will help get your ppfd and DLI dialed in

You can get away with one for the first few weeks, and then use the second for supplemental lighting.

thank you all for the help, i will do as you suggest sounds right to me, thanks again john

I know the q was already answered but I’d set up both and just dial in lower wattage til flowering time. They’ll be light hungry

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yes thanks that is just what i did, a good experiment thanks for the tip seeya john

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