One of my white widows is black

No two of my ‘white widows’ is the same… one is normal , one is purple, and then there is this one that is pitch black although the camera shows it a little lighter


That’s pretty cool


Have you had really cold weather cause that maybe what its more cold weather or its another different pheno



That’s actually what I like to see … some variety. It makes it more interesting to me as long as they are healthy.

Here are two Northern Lights autos I grew at the same time. One purple one yellow.

Go figure…


Pretty colors, always nice to see variety.


WW is one of those strains that show these colors when conditions are right. There’s nothing to be concerned about.


Lots of dark white widows posted lately. May have to grab some before too long. Looks great!!!


I have grew a few of the ILGM White widow autos. And pretty consistantly see 2 to 3 different phenos every grow.


Sorry just trying to learn how to do this, i commented above if you can see. And looks like you got some good info up there already. Peace and Happy Growing to ya.


Its weird. My gg4s are so uniform they could be clones… but ww all look like I got 3 totally different strains


they are all in the same tent, sitting on a heated floor.

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those look nice - I need to lst my next grow… you exfoliated also? I keep reading thats a no no with autos but I guess not…

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@stevenewbie those look awesome. I love the black color in the sugar leaves.

@VirginiaGrowBoy, those remind me of some I did outdoor last summer. These were sister seeds from crossing my jillybean to BC sweet island skunk. It was too slow and a failed experiment. But man does it show pheno variability in sister seeds. Just like yours.


Yes, i wait till about 2 weeks into full flower, then I pull off the bottom 1/3 (maximum) of the leaves.


Ignorant question on my part… did you only have males of one strain and females in the other strain that you crossed?

Can’t wrap my head around how to stage that other than that.

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If you zoom in you can see the exact coloration you had mentioned all 3 of those autos are IlGM WW. One white, one purplish black, and one green. Personally i like the greenish pheno better seems to be a little more potent. But as im sure you know unless your cloning no two will ever grow exactly the same. Peace and Happy growing to ya. Heres some from last WW grow.


I select lots of boys. I never buy fem packs because I like pheno hunting the males almost as much as the girls.

I have kept keeper males for 7-8 grow seasons as clones. The gem boys seem to be fewer and further apart in general I find. I figure that makes a gem worth keeping.

Also, if I get a cut, I have NEVER yet met a strain I couldn’t get nanners from. I just late over ripen a sacrificial clone. Then drop an hour a week until I get nanners; it makes them think the world is ending. I have had stubborn ladies go 4 on 20 off before. But once I get that pollen I go right back to 20on until the seeds ripen.

I have had keeper girls going as Bansai clones for 12-13 years now. Making seeds is easier than buds. I am surprised more people don’t do it.

Call me crazy, but if the winds of change shift again it is nice to know I will be just fine.:point_left:

It’s still not federally legal despite all the democrats and their promises. What happened Biden? And all the republicans claiming support now did nothing while they were in charge. It’s not a blue or red thing; but it’s still not a federally legal thing….



That hidden gnome or Smurf village down at the soil line made my day. Laughing my ass off :scream_cat:

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if you could convince them a pot vote was as good as a mexican vote, they’d be all over it

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I would say its a different pheno