One of my plants is wilting. Any suggestions?

A question from a fellow grower:

  • Strain: AK47
  • Type (fem/auto/reg): Fem
  • Climate (indoor/outdoor): Outdoor. Eastern Massachusetts
  • Medium (soil/hydro/details): Soil, Compost and miracle grow
  • pH of runoff or solution in reservoir: ?
  • Nutrient mix strength (EC/TDS): None
  • Light type & schedule: regular day light
  • Temperatures day & night: 80’s & low 70’s
  • Humidity day & night: ?
  • Ventilation: Outside open area

Assuming it’s been watered and no changes happened it’s clear to me you have reverse osmosis happening from too salty a soil (toxified by over fertilization)

Honestly, it looks like a goner but I could be wrong, why it looks different from the others and only one plant? Something must have been done different.

I noticed the pot is different too, it’s the correct color (black) to protect the roots from sunlight. Clear, white, and other translucent plastics are not recommended, that’s why planters of all types are usually black.

Thanks Shatter,
it was in a white pail and I thought it might be root bound so I changed it to the black one, it wasn’t root bound. I’ve treated all the plants the same. I think my dog might have been pissing on it.

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Better yet…hookup a electric field. When he howls like he is dying…problem is solved.
Only takes once. Don’t believe? Ask any country boy if he will ever piss on a hot fence again…lol.

soil does look diff? why? rest look great…so what diff with that one plant?

Definitely…flush. try to clear out whatever is killing plant. At this point, any last ditch effort will be worth the effort. She really looks like a goner.

Plenty more at the dog pound.


Thanks Tanlover. I will flush her.

Welcome to ILGM!

Thank you. As a first time grower, I need lots of help.

Sure. No prob. Hope she recovers. She was doing good. BTW…transplanting to a larger container was a good idea. Just something else got her.
Did you water after transplanting?

Yes, I did water after transplanting. I’ve been trimming off the dead leaves.

Dude, my little 4 lb.'er just refuses to stop pissing in my kitchen, so I moved his food and water dishes to wherever he liked to pee, figuring they don’t piss where the eat or drink, they don’t, they just move the whole operation in to the hallway!!!

I’m thinking about building a pissing spot using a chunk of cord wood in a big flat saucer with cat litter around the base of the makeshift now artificial tree. He doesn’t know what punishment is, he just sits there unbroken spirited looking at me like I’m the idiot! My other dog does fine, and he does to an extent, it’s more or less providing them with a doggy door without going outside. The both of them together weigh about 12 lbs., I wouldn’t recommend this to anyone with a large breed…

My dogs are trained to stay out of certain rooms (if you know what I mean).

Hey @newgrower, welcome to the forum.
You will find lots of good advice here.
The dog urine could definitely cause soil toxicity. Urine has a lot of nitrogen in it and the first thing you would have noticed is leaves turning darker green. Then as the salt built up the plant would start showing signs of stress. There may have been a layer of white on the surface from the salts. A lot of water to flush it could have removed the salt.
Another possibility is fungal infection. As mentioned by Shatter the use of white containers is avoided because they transmit a degree of light which feeds unfavorable bacteria. A fungal bloom can be very quick under the right conditions and the plant will suddenly wilt and die. I lost a mature tree to this not long ago. Root rot can happen very quickly. It happens more often in soil when it is not allowed to dry out. Daily watering in plastic buckets are a prime breeding ground for fungus. Urine could have even fed it to some degree. You can treat the pot with peroxide and then flush it out and sometimes save a plant. It may be too late for this one. I would at least quarantine it from the others in case it is bacterial. Search the forum for root rot and you will get some pointers on it. Lots of hydro growers deal with it. But it can be a soil issue too.

Thank you very much Spiney. I will be looking out for root rot and repot my plants.

Or just drop those white buckets into black ones to block the uv light. Less stress on the plants.

Hi I’m sorry for hyjacking Ur thread but I couldn’t find a symptom any closer to what I have going on, my plants are about 12 weeks old grown outdoors in good quality potting mix and fertilized 2 times a week with Aussie Magic Fertilizer, up until about 5 days ago they were booming they have started growing their first branches and suddenly they decided to hug themselves in the mornings and nights only, I thought it was the cold of frost so I keep them in the hot house until the frost has disapated, now they aren’t picking there leaves up during the day iether not at all I have sent some pics in the hope that you can tell me what is wrong before things get worse, I have also up potted in an attempt to help them as they were very pot bound, been 2 days since transplanting and no improvement, please have a look and see if you are able to help me diagnose them they are 4 × UK cheese and 2 × g.d.p.