One of my plants is 1/4 the size of 7 others

I have one plant out of 8 that is 1/4 the size as the others. It’s flowering just as much as the others everything on the plant is just tiny. others are app 40 inches its about 12 inches. They are WW fem? they are in week 6 of flower

Just try moving it to another spot in the grow room maybe it’s not getting as much light as the rest of your plants, worth a try😎

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Remember they are mostly hybrids , so each plant I’ve learned has different personalities . It can still out grow the others in time , just keep and eye on it , but moving and rotating in the grow room is definitely a must do always unless you used a light meter , there is an app on smart phones for par and lux reading that can very helpful , so you can know where the most intensity of your lights are being reflected …happy growing !!!

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There are potentially a great deal of reasons one plant would develop differently than others in the same room and of the same strain. Position and the amount of light it gets could be one factor. Airflow through the room and the temperature in the corner of the room, or possibly a device or something in the room near the plant.

Even if you rotate the positions of all your plants in the room to avoid such a thing, then there are still tons of other things that could have contributed to that particular plant’s development, even things you are less likely to know about in container plants, as something could have hindered root development in that individual container.

More info might give us a better idea of what might be going on, check out the “support ticket” and answer any relevant questions, they might even get you thinking and you might figure out for yourself what the problem likely was in the first place.

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MacG if I’m correct , you used your own nutrients to grow , I cannot remember sir ?

This is not really the place to ask me about this topic.

Start a topic about nutrients and such, or I’ll get back to you in private message.



Yup , I get a year older and my mind goes blink , thank you I’ll chime you later , besides I’m sure you guys busy .