One of my babies died

Sad news one of my babies
Died☹️Uploading: 20201008_164303_HDR.jpg…

So sorry for your loss; my condolences! Don’t mean to be morbid but the picture did not adequately upload. Don’t click the “post” button too quickly; wait for upload to complete.

Stretched a lot but looks alive to me.
Plant that thing and leave just about 1/2 inch above ground.
No harm trying.


I agree with Spiney_Norman. Would not hurt to try. The yellow leaves could indicate too much water. Do you have others thriving in the same conditions?

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yes i do have others but they aslo look sad

Okay, take it from the beginning. What soil are you using? What is your watering regimen? (I mentioned “over watering” before, “underwatering” can have the same effect.) The soil seems to look a little dry to me but it could just be the type you are using. Have you checked pH in the water for possible “nutrient lockout?” These are just some of the possibilities to what is hopefully only a slow start. Sorry, man!