One of my autos is doing some weird stuff

Currently I have 16 autos growing outdoors . 10 different strains. One of the Strains I’m growing is Bubblegum by Growers choice. I have 2 bubblegum plants going right now and both of them are completely different. Both of the Bubblegum plants are already flowering one of them is twice the size of the other. In fact it’s taller than some of my photo period plants. The buds look really weird. The entire plant looks weird like it’s a mutant plant. It has weird leaves on it. I’m wondering if this is going to fill out and get dense buds. Has anyone dealt with anything like this?

Forgot to mention I’m growing in 7gallon pots in fox farm happy frog.

Unless you do clones you can expect to see vast differences within a strain. I had a blue cheese grow where one was short and fat at 17" and the other was 27" . Enjoy the grow!


Bubble Gum is made up of several (AK-47, Blueberry, Chemdog, Tangerine, DIesel, Bubble Gum bred back into itself) strains. Each plant you grow could have one or two of these strains show dominance.
It’s like parents who have two children - one has blonde hair and the other has brown hair. One it short, one is tall.


Looks more Ruderalis with odd bud structure and all the 3 blade leafs, like @TommyBahama says all children take after any number of parents. Good luck

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This is my first auto grow… Do you think those buds will fill out and become dense? Compared to all my other autos this one has me scratching my head.

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Some people who have a similar situation are told to hang in there they will fatten up, but I’ve seen a few and seems to me is a auto problem. There are lots of various types of foxtail, or long loose flowers instead of buds, the weed is good has everything a bud has but dries weird lol.

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There’s so many bud sites on this plant. If it fills out it’s going to be a mega auto… fingers crossed! :crossed_fingers:t2:

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Yeah I had a amnesia haze auto not this seed bank, all of them had long buds to one extent or the other, but I let em ride. Good luck man

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Looks interesting, a lot of genetics at play there. Ride it out, and see what she does.


I just finished my first autoflower grow, had the exact thing happen and the weed was great. GSC Extreme

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Did yours fill out?

yes, Roy's first autoflower grow

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Awesome! I was worried it was going to be just a bunch of light airy buds. After reading your post it looks like other guys had the same issue and their plants all bounced back.
Thanks for the feedback Royc!

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It looks like it revered with only 3 leaves