One northern light is a mutant

A customer has a question or concerns and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks

"I wasn’t sure how to go about this. Tried 3 seeds 1 of each bb, ah, nl. 2 came up NL was all that came up. Now a bb has turned into a curvy mutation with 1 top on 3 weird nodes has 1 trip leag. Most are like question marks and are on one side. I’m in ffof, fox f, trio and molasses. 300 actual watts. 2 rooms. What grew was great small but great. Enough that I miss the seeds AH and BB. I have 2 or 3 that are seed husks, jiffy ots peat left after finding them basically husks. Going to be re ordering. Irregardless just wanted to see if anything could be fixed. After AH, my medical condition favorite. I have Pfizer heart valve since 82, this has been my med schedule for years. Stopped heart meds in 84, So I’ve been doing this awhile and will continue. Sorry no pictures available. Hadn’t had to order in years and you all brought back confidence and my skills. Help if able pls.

I am fine with the growing. Blueberry’s are doing fine. 3 out of 9 failed, one northern light is a mutant. It’s actually the third pic on a you tube #3, mutant marijuana buds. I thought i had done something so I researched. No it was just 3 plants outdoors, Amnesia Haze didn’t do a thing. BB, NL, both stayed small but were great. Now it’s taking 6 to get 4. It’s 2 Northern lights one failed to germinate one went mutant, current grow. I was curious on seeds. Just checking in on what’s happening. Love the genetics that have worked.

Strains Amnesia Haze, Blueberry, Northern lights. 3 went outdoors. Germinated overnight, straight to looting soil in middle of foxfarms ocean forest. Amnesia Haze never came up. Other 2 did but stayed tiny.

  • Indoors, FFOF always.with 30%perilite
  • Ph…5.8_6.2
  • Nutes. Fox Farm Trio, 1/2 strength to begin upped nute weekly once started. Also molasses 4-8 week…afterwards ph water.
  • Lights 300 actual watts, 1 300wt cfl 168 actual,125 actual watt cfl, 2, 2700k 100 watt, 23 actual , cfl side lights.
  • Run off…NA
  • Indoors all but first 3 in July.
  • Temps 73-82.
  • Ventilation…large 18 inch oscillating fan in one room,window with smaller stronger fan for air going out…
  • A.c. or heat or vent is turned off.
  • Closet with mylar etc…vents meet up on way to window…2 small fans above and below plant.can also open either door as needed.
  • CO2…not enough lights or space for it…imo.

Okay the mutant is identical to 3rd one on marijuana mutation video. Actual 3rd picture from start.
Amnesia Haze failed outdoors, 2 failed indoors. indoors 2 Northern light, 1 blueberry. Total of 5. I’ve used for meds since 85 or so. I am one of longest living valve (recalled) replacement patients left alive. It does wonders. AH is favorite since trying yours. Plus blood levels stayed good. Ty. Thank you all. AH was comparable to Colo’s. Hats off to Team.

Argh…forgot. I germinate the same way you teach. Soak, root pops, jiffy pots. And t5s.
Thanks didn’t know if it mattered. Trying to be complete"


I’m not exactly sure what you are asking? Are you having germination issues? Or are you wondering why a NL is mutated? A bit of clarity for this old, slow, stoner would help haha.


Actually a 400watt to replace the cfls may fix grow.Mutants happen, stress can cause as well,alot may be heat if it’s a growers cause. Could be genetics. Am glad to see medically it has been a large help. That’s great. Looks like a warranty?, question,or how to improve.grow area??

Yes there were some problems in this one. Germination rate wast great,but wasn’t too bad. However ILGM,us still making it right.Am a sorta serious medical patient,so was an important grow. #1, Used left over cfls, large ones ,one was actual watts,they were on hand,so sometimes you do what you can. There were heat issues, my opinion. Leaves canoes, raised and removed side lighting ,seems to have helped. Was in FFOF Soil,which I’ve had decent results with. The Amnesia Haze was simply amazing for medical issues with my heart and aniexty issues.PTSS as well. It ,MMJ, has kept me off heart meds and aniexty meds are cut in half now.,As for help any is welcome.Things stayed small irregardless in or out. But that was the main issue there. I feel I’ll just have to upgrade fighting. Probably a 3-400 watt led…Thanks ILGM,whom were Great!!!. Any advice is always welcome. Thank you for replies.

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I’m an led guy and the cheap ones available now grow some pretty good weed. If there’s anything we can do to help, just use the @ sign in front of our handle.


Thanks for the comment looked at viperspectra.Disability bites , so yes am going cheap. Have “read”,about them is all No Stores where I am at lol…not 420state by any means.I looked at a 300 2×2…3×3 max…Whic 2 will be max,as small as they were with let going for 2 but will see difference lighy makes hopefully 2 wont fit…But that’s the basic plan.If I may ask, How do you feel about Viperspectra?.You know ILGM,seemed to Really care from what contact we had. Am very impressed

@Myfriendis410, could use some advice on leds, After these new ones the f2f trio really did wonders with a bit increased perlite. What or how do you feel about Viperspectra 400watt,200actual <>, but par covers immediate area. Temps will work as well. I would appreciate feed back as was going with 300,and noticing trios recent ,last 2 week growth, 5th and 6th. Obvious 400 be better par fits right on. Don’t know about flower ir,uv, whatever is the flower leds,or if there’s plenty? Thanks in advancdMyFriendis410.

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Can’t leave this out ILGM and staff were great!! All that was promised was fulfilled happily and very fast. Being a serious medical patient I could not be more pleased or Grateful for the Help , the Service and Timely response. Thanks so much Becky,Zoe Robert and crew. Wonderful to find old school values in a new time bussiness. Can’t say enough.ILGM is just Great. I will look no further…Thanks All.

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We would probably need more information like the square footage, number of plants, budget etc. Let me call in @dbrn32 to maybe weigh in on this.

In the category of inexpensive imported led’s the Viparspectra is popular as is the Mars and Meizhi. If you would give us your desires for lighting with your particulars, that would help greatly!

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Post that data that @Myfriendis410 asked for and I’ll be happy to take a look. All the lights he mentioned seem to be site favorites. Personally, I like the light spectrum provided by the other two a little better than the viparspectra. But make no mistake, they all seem to grow frosty nugs. You just kind of have to watch the different models as you go up and down sizes. The light spectrum and efficiencies seem to change a little. The meizhi 300 may be the best in that class, the mars 600 around that size, and the vipar in a bigger model. Those are just examples, but the specs do kind of jump around a little.

We’ll definitely try to take everything in consideration, and get you the highest performance your budget allows.

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Thanks alot for the reply,and fast. Anyway basically 27" ,middle hits 30 as the back has small but round column bit. And it’s tall.5-6ft …Would love 2 but thinking photos one flower one veg,using space here.Once it got started you know. Full of autos now, thanks ILGM!. But anyhow things are vented 72 coming in. Enjoy ffof, perlite. For now anyway. Hope this helps and is what you need. Going Cheap. #myfriendis410,.hope that works got the damn flu and a phone…lol.i just answered with no attached signaures…oh well I will learn…Maybe in future dwc,never did it, I’m curious on that down the road…any errors my mental error. Thanks all.

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So, two small plants or one larger plant if I understand correctly?

@dbrn32 I might suggest the Mars 600 for the space?


If that is a safe assumption of plant count, I agree that mars 600 would do the job nicely. Good call!

I’ve recommended that light over the others before, simply because of the spectrum and par levels provided in that size of fixture. I believe everyone that’s picked them up has been happy thus far.


@dbrn32, @Myfriendis410. Am running Carly broke disability here. That why I was looking at Vipersprctra 400…Id love having Mars 600. Alas tho it pushes budget. Par and spectrum on the Viperspectra., are they not capable of flowering? Guess I’m asking is the spectrum not good, or not as good as others, I figured to be worst of the three. Would it work for a time or two .I could possibly upgrade in 2 grows and still have meds. Also a side note. An AmHzAuto,harvested 74 put in a corner of just a room, missed throwing it away and it grew a small yellow green system with pistils,no light, except very indirect on occasion. Kinda forgot was under limit so I watched 3 weeks as it continued So stuck it under lights 30 days ago. I had cut all branches buds it was all gone so figured I’d check it out. It has ,on what branches left pistils and buds all over. 4-5 weeks,and it’s now frosty slowly turning ,pistils Amber, it’s going to yield anpth oz dry it appears. An Auto that refuses to die.I love it second harvest. This I assume isn’t ordinary,guess a phenom that’s okay with me. Maybe it’s common .That was my first auto. Just wished to share and see what was said. It and a Neuro have filled that area up.125 actual watt cfl,I know but, another 320 watts small cfls. I need an upgrade lol…but man these have gone nuts full and at 6 weeks,2-3,before I counted are doing great. Anyway Thanks for light info…Its very appreciated. Peace out all…

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Neuro is northern lights…lol Carly? Just about doing this broke $. Am hoping that cover typos,phones are tough.

Can you link the light you’re referring too. I didn’t see vipar 400, but I found 450 and it’s like same price as mars 600. Perhaps there is some confusion there from one of us?

The vipar will grow weed no problem. The mars 600 just has a little higher par level and more intensity in red wavelengths. Both will help with bud development. If we need to find a cheaper option, I’m sure we can. I was just trying make sure we are talking about same lights.


We’re all good, I hadn’t realized price point was so similar. Viperspectra was 450 yes you’re right. I think Mars 600 is the best bet as well . Thanks very much. Hope all enjoyed Holiday.


Cool! I make mistakes all the time, so just wanted to double check. Any other questions feel free to hit me up.

#dbrn, I have heard and read conflicting reports, As always it seems. All par is at 18inches. They talk about burn out,2 maybe 3 grows. I know thees always a bad apple in the cart so to speak. They seem to have gone up a bit, but hey it all has. Anyway you still sold on a 600 mhydro?.. 27, 27 acc nd 31 back straight .its an old shower,white wuth mylar wrapping. 1 if reg photo plants will 2 even fis . Cfls took last auto to 32 inches. Low yield due to penetration airy big things. So two makes me wonder. Would they over crowd it too bad . Never did SCOG, all the others yes. Just concerned ,Don’t want to over fill. Yet need to get best yield…and light us up15,20$, and cord and all don’t think are free anymore. All is cool ready to do this just meet reassurance. Hps,MH to cfl BIG ONES and outdoors. But this is new and I’ve always been outside,will be but Now…Thanks sorry bout half rant, we’ve wife and I got club’s. And I’m very ready , I be got one month to finish and would dearly love to throw that light at it 27 colas!,… hit me up #dbrn…thanks bro.

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Flus, wife and i.One has a month and I’d like to finish under the new light .had to correct …nrthlght…anyway thanks bro. This is medical lots a reasons. Why I love this place and people.