One more WWA question


My first white widow auto grow. Question is my flowers have not really stacked up on this one. Lots of small buds that are really frosty and pistols have turned brown. Seeds popped feb 3 so it should be close but was hopeing for larger buds under the new qb set up. Tricombs are cloudy.

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Still quite a bit of white pistils on some of them, that’s usually good indication they will fatten up a little.

What do you have for light in what size space?


The 288 v2 xl in a 2 x 4


I hate to tell you this but it’s shutting down because you have spider mites. Looking at the first picture i see webs…


I noticed them a last week and started neem oil 3 days ago


Good eye!

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So is it about as good as it’s going to get or is there enough time for her to recover. I pray they can recover. Lol.


Don’t use Neem oil; it will ruin your flowers: they will taste like the Neem oil. Use a 50/50 solution of Isopropyl alcohol in a spray bottle and spray down the plant really well, concentrate on the undersides of the leaves. Stay away from the flower if possible. A straight solution of 3% peroxide will do the job too and then you need to actually treat for the bugs. I strongly recommend Captain Jack’s Dead Bug which uses Spinosad (a bacteria lethal to soft bodied insects but harmless to humans) to eliminate them entirely.

I think so; you have white pistils on some of the flower so the plant is trying to do it’s job. Discontinue the Neem oil though.


No more neem oil. Got plenty of alcohol to use already. Thank you. This plant was maybe still is going in capsules so taste won’t be a issue. But I do have a lsd in there for smoking so I gotta get busy killing bugs.

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Remember that alcohol will melt the trichomes so you can’t douche it down completely this late in flower. The peroxide is completely benign and does a good job and is organic approved. Spinosad is too. But you HAVE to use either that or “Safer” spray which is BtK: bacillus thurengiensis IIRC. Does the same thing. The pest injests the bacterium while eating plant material. It reproduces in the gut and produces a lethal toxin and kills the pest. Takes about 5 days.

My normal routine is spray with peroxide, wait 48 hours, spray with Captain Jack’s, wait 7 days, spray with peroxide, wait 48 hours etc. You are in “management” not eradication.