One more time, more learning experience


So the babies are just over a week old and being treated exactly the same way, but look totally different. Room temperature 77 degrees, water temperature 71 degrees, ph 5.8 , ppm 490 (low) . Growing DWC using FF nutrients first feeding today. Both plants have several roots hanging from the next pots. The top of the RR are dry and are sitting on a layer of rock, the bottoms of the net pots are approximately 1/2 inch from the bubles in water. ! @MattyBear @Okie70 @GreenJewels @basementstealth @Lostscuba 20190112_201418|374x500](upload://ylR9HjTK6xVFsnnnTaUG8X8obHA.jpeg)


Nice looks great It will grow fast mines been that big four a week I think she’s midget


Pics didnt load @Newbrn


Nice @Newbrn! Sounds like you’re off to a good start :wink::bear:



@basementstealth I see the Pictures on my end, but reposted them again anyway. Hope you can see them this time.


Ok I see. You have two seedlings and one is behind the other. That smaller one may lag behind the whole grow, but what can you do? Drop another seed?


It is weird how they have been treated the same way and they are the same age , yet they are going at totally different rates.

It almost seems as if the tiny one is stunted or maybe the runt lol :open_mouth:


Yea they come with runts I got 2 so far but looks healthy good job


Ya u never know. The only way to be sure about how a plant will grow will be to use clones. I’m running a gold leaf now and I may take cuttings for clones to keep it going closer to a perpetual grow


Yea clones are the best way to go saves a lot of time instead of waiting for them to mature u can just bud them when u want